Food Composition (Vegetables and vegetable products)

DescriptionGlucose g/100gFructose g/100gSucrose g/100gLactose g/100gMaltose g/100gSugars Total g/100gStarch Total g/100g
Baby food, Gerber DHA Vegetables Risotto with Cheese Dinner, 2nd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Broccoli & Carrots with Cheese, 3rd Foods0.070.070.26000.46.2
Baby food, Gerber Carrot Apple Mango, 2nd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Carrots, 1st Foods0.320.253.1003.60.28
Baby food, Gerber Carrots, 2nd Foods0.320.253.1003.60.28
Baby food, Gerber DHA Harvest Vegetables with Mixed Grains, 2nd Foods
Baby food, Gerber DHA Spring Vegetables with Brown Rice, 2nd Foods0.10.16200.052.48.9
Baby food, Gerber Garden Vegetables, 2nd Foods0.30.250.400.411.65
Baby food, Gerber Graduates Diced Carrots0.280.251.9002.50.12
Baby food, Gerber Graduates Diced Green Beans0.450.560.1700.111.10.84
Baby food, Gerber Graduates Lil' Sides Mashed Cheddar Flavored Potatoes & Summer Vegetables0.
Baby food, Gerber Graduates Lil' Sides Mashed Cheddar Potatoes & Broccoli0.
Baby food, Gerber Graduates Lil' Sides Mashed Sweet Potatoes & Glazed Carrots0.20.17400.234.66.9
Baby food, Gerber Green Beans, 1st Foods 0.710.890.28001.91.3
Baby food, Gerber Green Beans, 2nd Foods 0.710.890.28001.91.3
Baby food, Gerber Green Beans with Rice, 3rd Foods 0.10.16200.052.48.9
Baby food, Gerber Mixed Vegetables, 2nd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Organic Butternut Squash & Corn, 2nd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Organic Carrots, 1st Foods0.320.253.1003.60.28
Baby food, Gerber Organic Carrots, 2nd Foods 0.320.253.1003.60.28
Baby food, Gerber Organic Green Beans, 2nd Foods 0.710.890.28001.91.3
Baby food, Gerber Organic Sweet Peas, 1st Foods 0020022.3
Baby food, Gerber Organic Sweet Potatoes, 1st Foods 0.380.3102.44.14
Baby food, Gerber Organic Sweet Potatoes, 2nd Foods 0.380.3102.44.14
Baby food, Gerber Peas, 1st Foods 0020022.3
Baby food, Gerber Peas, 2nd Foods 0020022.3
Baby food, Gerber Squash, 1st Foods1.111.3003.41.2
Baby food, Gerber Squash, 2nd Foods 1.111.3003.41.2
Baby food, Gerber Squash, 3rd Foods1.111.3003.41.2
Baby food, Gerber Sweet Potatoes, 1st Foods0.380.3102.44.14
Baby food, Gerber Sweet Potatoes, 2nd Foods 0.380.3102.44.14
Baby food, Gerber Sweet Potatoes, 3rd Foods 0.380.3102.44.14
Baby food, Gerber Sweet Potatoes & Corn, 2nd Foods
Baby food, broccoli and carrots with cheese0.070.070.26000.46.2
Baby food, carrots, strained0.320.253.1003.60.28
Baby food, carrots, toddler0.280.251.9002.50.12
Baby food, creamed corn0.0800.470.520.161.210.8
Baby food, carrots and peas0.330.211.800.022.42
Baby food, corn and sweet potatoes0.050.050.600.0349.4
Baby food, green string beans, junior0.710.890.28001.91.3
Baby food, green string beans, strained0.710.890.28001.91.3
Baby food, green string beans, toddler0.450.560.1700.111.10.84
Baby food, mixed garden vegetables0.30.250.400.411.65
Baby food, peas0020022.3
Baby food, creamed spinach0.230.180.351.
Baby food, squash, junior1.111.3003.41.2
Baby food, squash, strained1.111.3003.41.2
Baby food, sweet potatoes, junior0.380.3102.44.14
Baby food, sweet potatoes, strained 0.380.3102.44.14
Baby food, vegetables and brown rice0.10.16200.052.48.9
Bloody Shame1.41.50.25003.60
Virgin Bloody Mary1.41.50.25003.60
Carrot juice0.890.622.3003.90
Celery juice0.290.270.06000.970
Clamato Tomato Cocktail1.81.50.03003.30.6
V-8 100% A-C-E Vitamin Rich Vegetable Juice1.31.90.2003.30
V-8 Calcium Enriched Vegetable Juice1.31.90.2003.30
V-8 Lightly Tangy Vegetable Juice1.31.90.2003.80
V-8 Picante Vegetable Juice1.31.90.2003.30
V-8 Spicy Hot Vegetable Juice1.31.90.2003.30
V-8 Vegetable Juice1.31.90.2003.30
V-8 Vegetable Juice, low sodium1.31.90.2003.80
Tomato juice1.41.50.25003.60
Vegetable juice1.31.90.2003.30
Artichoke dip0.120.060.630.
Artichoke spinach dip0.140.070.540.10.0110.07
Black bean dip0.30.210.361.302.69.1
Eggplant dip (Baba Ghanoush)11.10.55002.82.1
Guacamole (avocado dip)0.810.740.25001.80.13
Jalapeno bean dip000.19000.198.3
Spinach dip0.40.250.910.680.032.31.2
Arby's curly fries0.640.520.34001.530
Arby's French fries0.720.580.37001.630.6
Arby's jalapeno bites0.870.950.070.880.022.821.7
Arby's onion rings2.
Arby's potato cake0.40.320.2500.010.9619.8
Arby's Market Fresh Chopped Salads, side salad0.920.930.160.030.0220
Boston Market Caesar salad with dressing0.620.830.260.270.0426.9
Boston Market Caesar salad without dressing0.550.840.120.310.041.98.2
Boston Market sweet corn1.81.51.800.165.312.6
Boston Market creamed spinach0.
Boston Market green beans0.510.620.1700.111.52
Boston Market garlicky lemon spinach0.370.250.24000.850.13
Boston Market loaded mashed potatoes0.
Boston Market mashed potatoes0.330.270.170.4501.213.3
Boston Market garlic dill new potatoes0.310.210.4800112.5
Boston Market steamed vegetables0.570.630.8300.022.10.64
Boston Market sweet potato casserole0.830.3916.70.122.620.711.4
Burger King hash browns0.530.430.27001.222.6
Burger King French fries0.70.570.36001.629.9
Burger King onion rings3.22.11.700.03725
Burger King Caesar Salad (no dressing or croutons)0.610.890.
Burger King Garden Salad (no dressing or garlic parmesan croutons)0.460.550.
Chick-fil-A hash browns0.680.540.35001.625.3
Chick-fil-A waffle potato fries0.650.431002.128
Chick-fil-A side salad0.7110.540.
Chick-fil-A cole slaw1.
Chipotle black beans000.55000.557.9
Chipotle fajita vegetables1.51.30.4003.10.21
Chipotle guacamole0.30.280.14000.790.1
Chipotle lettuce0.390.80001.20
Chipotle pinto beans000.25000.2511.2
Church's Fried Chicken cole slaw0.950.86.6008.40.21
Church's Fried Chicken corn on the cob0.760.723.100.274.921.7
Church's Fried Chicken French fries0.780.630.4001.833.4
Church's Fried Chicken jalapeno cheese bombers0.810.870.
Church's Fried Chicken okra1.11.31.600.064.122.2
Church's Fried Chicken mashed potatoes with gravy0.
Dairy Queen French fries0.70.570.36001.629.8
Dairy Queen onion rings3.92.5200.038.522.6
Dairy Queen side salad0.8610.28002.20.09
Hardee's hash rounds0.540.430.28001.222.8
Hardee's cole slaw1.10.9512.900.0114.10.13
Hardee's crispy curls0.430.350.2700.02133.5
Hardee's French fries0.620.42100227.1
Hardee's mashed potatoes & gravy0.
Hardee's onion rings3.22.11.700.037.120.9
Hardee's side salad0.950.960.
Jack In The Box hash browns0.470.380.24001.120
Jack In The Box curly fries0.710.570.36001.630.2
Jack In The Box French fries0.780.640.4001.833.5
Jack In The Box stuffed jalapeno11.30.310.530.023.219.4
Jack In The Box onion rings3.32.21.700.037.221.8
Jack In The Box Bacon Cheddar Potato Wedges0.280.220.350.530.021.419.3
Jack In The Box side salad0.810.990.24002.10.17
KFC Caesar side salad0.620.850.
KFC house side salad0.740.970.02001.70
KFC BBQ beans1.61.64.8007.97.3
KFC cole slaw1.2112.100.0114.40.16
KFC corn on the cob0.840.792.700.174.57.2
KFC green beans0.530.570.1900.081.41.6
KFC mashed potatoes0.
KFC mashed potatoes with gravy0.
KFC potato salad0.640.574.2005.510.9
KFC sweet corn0.620.62.500.22417.9
KFC potato wedges0.530.410.500.011.427.5
Long John Silver's corn cobbette0.840.792.700.174.57.2
Long John Silver's corn cobbette with butter0.780.742.600.164.26.7
Long John Silver's cole slaw1.10.999.200.0111.40.06
Long John Silver's fries0.740.60.38001.731.6
Long John Silver's vegetable medley0.370.332.
McDonald's hash browns0.50.40.25001.121.2
McDonald's French fries0.760.620.39001.732.4
McDonald's Bacon Ranch Salad without chicken0.660.820.
McDonald's Caesar Salad without chicken0.690.850.160.0501.80.06
McDonald's side salad0.8710.170020.06
McDonald's Southwest Salad without chicken0.560.690.360.
Panda Express Eggplant Tofu22.53.8008.31.4
Panda Express mixed veggies0.640.631.
SONIC chili cheese French fries0.450.390.
SONIC chili cheese tots0.310.270.410.020.02116.2
SONIC cheese French fries0.580.470.340.050.031.424.6
SONIC cheese tots0.40.330.250.030.03120.5
SONIC French fries0.740.60.38001.731.7
SONIC onion rings2.81.81.500.036.121.5
SONIC tater tots0.480.390.2600.011.124.4
Subway Veggie Delite Salad, no dressing1.
Taco Bell Pintos 'n Cheese0.370.490.540.
Taco Bell Cheesy Fiesta Potatos0.360.30.180.5301.416.4
Taco John's Potato Oles with Nacho cheese0.420.340.220.6401.619.5
Taco John's Potato Oles, no cheese0.680.550.35001.628.9
Taco John's refried beans0.
Wendys' chili cheese fries0.520.480.770.790.012.612.9
Wendy's French fries0.680.540.39001.629
Wendy's Baked Potato, with bacon and cheese0.320.250.350.9301.912.6
Wendy's Baked Potato, with broccoli and cheese0.360.290.330.8501.911.6
Wendy's Baked Potato, plain0.440.340.4001.217.3
Wendy's Baked Potato, with sour cream and chives0.410.310.370.0101.115.9
Wendy's Caesar side salad0.480.8100.3301.60
Wendy's side salad0.70.880.35001.90.13
White Castle French fries0.380.310.2000.8816.4
White Castle onion chips1.81.20.9400.023.917.7
White Castle onion rings3.12.11.600.026.814.3
Soy flour, defatted0.881.815.20018.90.83
Soy flour0.350.716007.512.1
Soy flour, low fat0.490.998.40010.55.3
Dehydrated potato flakes0.890.980.9900.53.470.6
Dehydrated potato granules, with milk0.30.320.332.20.173.462.4
Dehydrated potato granules0.921100.523.574.2
Hot dog substitute, meatless, fat free0.570.060.0200.411.15.9
Hot dog substitute, meatless, low fat0.580.
Hot dog substitute, meatless0.130.011.6001.82
Breakfast sausage substitute, meatless, link0.040.050.350.080.010.532.4
Breakfast sausage substitute, meatless, patty1.80.050.420.
Amy's All American Veggie Burger0.620.572.8004.17.7
Amy's Bistro Veggie Burger0.730.652.8004.312.9
Amy's Black Bean Veggie Burger0.690.651.400.012.815.7
Amy's California Veggie Burger0.640.51.1002.321.5
Amy's California Veggie Burger Light in Sodium0.560.440.8300215.7
Amy's Cheddar Veggie Burger0.650.510.910.
Amy's Quarter Pound Veggie Burger0.910.816.2007.97.2
Amy's Sonoma Veggie Burger0.720.481.3002.618.2
Amy's Texas Veggie Burger0.940.95.9007.86.4
Boca Burger All American Classic0.
Boca Burger All American Flame Grilled0.140.150.730.0801.11.7
Boca Burger Bruschetta Tomato Basil Parmesan0.
Boca Burger Cheeseburger0.
Boca Burger Grilled Vegetable0.540.6510.
Boca Burger Original Chik'n Pattie0.040.080.5400.010.6617.5
Boca Burger Original Vegan0.140.150.730012
Boca Burger Savory Mushroom Mozzarella0.290.2910.0401.73.5
Boca Burger Spicy Chik'n Pattie0.040.080.5500.020.6817.1
Boca Burger Vegan0.30.351.9002.72.1
Gardenburger Black Bean Chipotle0.480.480.7800.021.711.6
Gardenburger Original0.590.180.390.
Gardenburger Portabella0.540.140.380.0201.113.9
Gardenburger Sun-Dried Tomato Basil1.11.60.380.
Gardenburger Veggie Medley0.450.442.800.013.612.4
Morningstar Farms Asian Veggie Pattie0.590.473.5004.74.9
Morningstar Farms Chik Pattie, Buffalo0.150.221.800.152.316.5
Morningstar Farms Chik Pattie, Italian Herb0.020.040.400.020.4726.9
Morningstar Farms Chik Pattie, Original0.
Morningstar Farms Chipotle Black Bean Burger0.420.39100.011.87.9
Morningstar Farms Garden Veggie Pattie0.60.50.950.
Morningstar Farms Grillers 1/4 Pounder0.080.131.1001.33.5
Morningstar Farms Grillers Chik'n0.030.050.39000.472.6
Morningstar Farms Grillers Original Veggie Burger0.120.090.610.020.020.875
Morningstar Farms Grillers Prime Veggie Burger0.140.090.560.020.020.863.9
Morningstar Farms Grillers Turk'y Burger0.240.290.490011.8
Morningstar Farms Grillers Vegan Veggie Burger0.10.161.400.041.71.8
Morningstar Farms Mediterranean Chickpea burger0.
Morningstar Farms Mushroom Lover's Burger0.640.420.650.
Morningstar Farms Spicy Black Bean Burger0.350.420.840.
Morningstar Farms tomato & Basil Pizza Burger0.981.30.710.
Worthington FriPats0.120.10.730.020.0212.3
Worthington Vegetarian Burger0.020.030.28000.334.4
Mattar paneer (peas & cheese in gravy)0.420.420.6710.012.50.75
Masoor dal (lentils with tomatoes)0.60.660.2001.56.6
Chili (chile) relleno with cheese, fried0.920.790.170.030.1524.1
Tempura, vegetable0.480.450.3500.031.412.1
Bacon bits, textured vegetable protein (like Bac O's)0.260.458.100.519.31.4
Breakfast strip, texturized vegetable protein
Soy bacon, Canadian style0.040.010.510.610.011.23.2
Artichoke salad, with oil dressing0.220.020.67000.910
Black bean and corn salad0.630.611.
Three bean salad, canned, no fat1.40.50.1600.752.83.9
Three bean salad, homemade, oil-based dressing0.40.32.300.0434
Caesar salad, without meat0.610.810.
Caesar salad, without meat, no dressing0.520.810.
Tomato sauce2.31.70.26004.30.19
Agave, cooked1.617.61.70020.90.24
Agave, dried3.542.84.40050.70.91
Agave, raw1.20.980.41002.60.24
Amaranth leaves, cooked00.340000.340.15
Amaranth leaves, raw00.010000.010.01
Artichoke hearts, marinated in oil mixture
Artichoke hearts, canned in water0.240.020.73000.990
Artichoke, Jerusalem (sunchoke), raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture1.70.430002.115.2
Artichoke, Jerusalem (sunchoke), raw 1.80.440002.215.6
Artichoke, globe, cooked0.240.020.73000.990
Artichoke, globe raw0.240.020.73000.990
Arugula, raw0.910.13002.10
Asparagus, batter dipped or breaded0.350.440.310.050.021.221
Asparagus, canned, drained 0.420.530.2001.10.26
Asparagus, creamed0.080.10.0320.012.31.9
Asparagus, cooked from fresh0.420.790.08001.30
Asparagus, cooked from frozen0.120.160.04000.320.03
Asparagus, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.630.970.22001.80.08
Asparagus, raw 0.6510.23001.90.08
Bamboo shoots, canned and drained0.220.250.12000.590
Basil, fresh0.020.020000.30.75
Adzuki beans000.2200.080.314.5
Bayo beans0.0400.35000.46.4
Black beans, canned, drained 000.37000.3715.4
Black beans, cooked from dried000.63000.639.1
Brown beans, canned, drained 000.34000.3416.5
Brown beans, cooked from dried000.34000.3416.5
Broadbeans, canned, drained 000.37000.3715.4
Broadbeans, cooked from dried0.260.780.78001.812.9
Broadbeans, cooked from fresh000.32000.326.2
Chili beans1.11.52.6005.38.7
Garbanzo beans (chickpeas), canned, drained000.44000.4413.8
Garbanzo beans (chickpeas), canned, drained and rinsed000.44000.4413.8
Garbanzo beans (chickpeas), cooked from dried0.280.283.400.564.816.3
Falafel, made with barbanzo beans (chickpeas)
Hummus (chickpea dip)
Green beans (string beans), canned, drained 0.520.560.1400.091.31
Green beans (string beans), cooked from fresh0.540.670.
Green beans (string beans), cooked from frozen0.430.520.1400.091.21.7
Green beans (string beans), raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture
Picked green beans (string beans)
Green beans (string beans), raw
Kidney beans, canned, drained
Kidney beans, canned, drained and rinsed0.230.13.5003.812.2
Kidney beans, cooked from dried0.0300.24000.3214.5
Lima beans, canned, drained 00.832.1002.914.8
Lima beans, cooked from dried00.832.1002.914.8
Lima beans, cooked from fresh00.211.1001.613.8
Lima beans, cooked from frozen00.211.1001.311.6
Mantequilla beans000.13000.135.9
Mung beans, cooked from dried00.81.20029.6
Navy beans, canned, drained 000.37000.3715.4
Navy beans, cooked from dried000.37000.3715.4
Great northern beans, canned, drained 000.34000.3416.5
Great northern beans, cooked from dried000.34000.3416.5
Frijoles ojo de cabra (Chihuahuan bean)000.17000.177.6
Pinto beans, canned, drained000.54000.5410.2
Pinto beans, canned, drained, rinsed000.54000.5410.2
Pinto beans, cooked from dried000.34000.3415.2
Refried beans, canned, red0.0700.54000.618.3
Refried beans, canned000.46000.469
Refried beans, canned, vegetarian000.61000.618.7
Refried beans, homemade000.51000.519.6
Sinaloa beans0.0500.37000.426.7
Soybeans, canned, drained0.380.751.90031.3
Soybeans, cooked from dried0.380.751.90031.3
Edamame, green or immature, cooked from fresh0.160.131.5001.83.3
Edamame, green or immature, cooked from frozen00.121.100.952.22.8
Soybeans, dry roasted, flavored0.674.94.70010.35.3
Soybeans, dry roasted, salted0.220.544.9005.74.7
Soybeans, oil roasted, unsalted0.160.43.6004.26.4
Soybeans, oil roasted, salted0.160.43.6004.26.4
Tofu, pre-baked, cooked0.0801.700.513.42.7
Tofu, pre-baked, uncooked0.0601.300.382.52
Tofu, raw (not silken), cooked, low fat0.250.491.20020.86
Tofu, raw (not silken), cooked, firm000.51000.80.4
Tofu, raw (not silken), cooked, soft000.59000.930.83
Tofu, raw (not silken), cooked, extra firm000.67000.670.45
Tofu, raw (not silken), not cooked, low fat, not drained0.190.370.92001.50.65
Tofu, raw (not silken), not cooked, firm, not drained 000.38000.60.3
Tofu, raw (not silken), not cooked, soft, not drained000.44000.70.62
Tofu, raw (not silken), not cooked, extra firm, not drained000.5000.50.34
Tofu, silken, cooked, low fat000.6000.60.87
Tofu, silken, cooked 001.7001.71.4
Tofu, silken, not cooked, low fat000.45000.450.65
Tofu, silken, not cooked001.3001.31
Tepary beans000.5000.55.5
Wax beans (yellow beans), canned, drained 0.410.340.1400.070.962.2
Wax beans (yellow beans), creamed0.
Wax beans (yellow beans), cooked from fresh0.540.670.
Wax beans (yellow beans), cooked from frozen0.430.520.1400.091.21.7
Wax beans (yellow beans), raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.861.10.1900.292.50.84
Wax beans (yellow beans), raw
Beets, canned, drained 0.580.584005.50
Beets, cooked from fresh0.170.086.80080.53
Harvard beets0.410.418.60.0209.71.1
Beets, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.190.195.9006.50.46
Pickled beets0.120.0613.80014.60.43
Beets, raw
Beet greens, cooked0.100000.10
Beet greens, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.290.160000.450.12
Beet greens, raw 0.320.180000.50.13
Bok choy, cooked0.490.330000.830
Bok choy, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.560.380001.10
Bok choy , raw0.60.40001.20
Broccoflower (green cauliflower), cooked from fresh0.941.50.34002.80.4
Broccoflower (green cauliflower), cooked from frozen0.941.50.34002.80.4
Broccoflower (green cauliflower), raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.851.40.31002.80.37
Broccoflower (green cauliflower), raw 0.911.50.330030.4
Broccoli, with butter sauce0.490.490.49001.40.66
Broccoli, cooked from fresh0.490.740.08001.40
Broccoli, cooked from frozen0.50.50.5001.50.68
Broccoli, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.470.650.
Broccoli, raw 0.490.680.
Broccoli raab, cooked0.230.240.15000.620
Broccoli raab, raw0.10.170.11000.380
Brussels sprouts, cooked from fresh0.750.640.33001.70.35
Brussels sprouts, cooked from frozen0.870.780.41002.10.61
Burdock root, cooked0.40.40.200115.8
Cabbage, green, cooked1.61.20002.80
Cabbage, green, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture1.61.40.0800.0130
Cabbage, green, raw
Cabbage, red, cooked1.41.20.71003.30
Cabbage, red, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture1.71.40.57003.60
Cabbage, red pickled 1.10.9533.20035.30.28
Cabbage, red, raw
Cabbage, red, sweet and savory1.10.9533.20035.30.28
Cabbage, savoy, cooked1.21.10.12002.40.21
Cabbage, savoy, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture1.10.970.11002.20.07
Cabbage, savoy, raw 1.110.11002.30.07
Cactus pads (nopales), cooked0.530.480001.10.26
Cactus pads (nopales), raw0.60.540.01001.20.23
Carrots, canned, drained 0.620.461.4002.50.35
Carrots, cooked from fresh0.40.362.7003.50.17
Carrots, cooked from frozen0.360.283.4004.10.31
Carrots, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.570.533.4004.61.4
Carrots, pickled0.380.3417.300180.3
Carrots, raw 0.590.553.6004.71.4
Cassava (yuca), cooked0.
Cassava con salsa creole (yuca with creole sauce)0.950.650.9100.072.617.5
Cauliflower, cooked from fresh10.920.11002.10.16
Cauliflower, cooked from frozen0.390.340.04000.770.19
Cauliflower, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.90.930001.80.35
Pickled cauliflower10.974.6006.60.24
Cauliflower, raw 0.940.970001.90.36
Chinese broccoli (kai-lan or gai-lan), cooked 0.310.470.05000.840
Celeriac (celery root), cooked from fresh0.490.742.4003.60.89
Celeriac (celery root), raw0.270.361001.61.5
Celery, cooked0.710.660.14002.40
Celery, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.530.490.11001.80
Celery, raw 0.550.510.11001.80
Chard, cooked0.550.550001.11.6
Chard, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.650.30000.981.4
Chard, raw or blanched, marinated in oil0.730.340001.11.5
Chicory greens, raw0.060.170.02000.250
Chinese cabbage, Pak-choi, cooked0.490.330000.830
Chinese cabbage, Pak-choi, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.560.380001.10
Chinese cabbage, Pak-choi, raw 0.60.40001.20
Chinese cabbage, Pe-tsai, cooked0.450.220000.670
Chinese cabbage, Pe-tsai, raw or blanched, marinate in oil mixture0.760.570001.30
Chinese cabbage, Pe-tsai, raw 0.80.60001.40
Chives, raw0.40.30.30010
Cloud ears, dried0.710.40001.10.83
Collards, cooked from canned0.180.180.04000.41.3
Collards, cooked from fresh0.180.180.04000.41.3
Collards, cooked from frozen0.250.250.06000.570.39
Collards, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.190.190.04000.410.85
Collards, raw
Coriander leaf, fresh0.440.290000.870.13
Corn, white, canned, cream style0.160.161.800.082.211.6
Corn, white, canned, drained0.370.221.400.172.413.1
Corn on the cob, white, cooked from fresh0.716007.74.5
Corn, white, cooked from fresh, whole kernel0.716007.74.5
Corn on the cob, white, cooked from frozen 0.560.532.300.23.616
Corn, white, cooked from frozen, whole kernel0.480.46200.173.114
Corn, yellow, canned, cream style0.230.232.700.113.211.4
Corn, yellow, canned, drained0.470.281.700.22313.1
Corn, yellow, canned, drained and rinsed0.470.281.700.22313.1
Corn on the cob, yellow, cooked from fresh0.840.792.700.174.57.2
Corn, yellow, cooked from fresh, whole kernel0.840.792.700.174.57.2
Corn on the cob, yellow, cooked from frozen0.560.532.300.23.615.9
Corn, yellow, cooked from frozen, whole kernel0.480.46200.173.113.8
Corn, yellow and white, canned, cream style0.
Corn, yellow and white, canned, drained0.420.251.500.22.713.1
Corn on the cob, yellow and white, cooked from fresh0.770.914.400.096.15.8
Corn, yellow and white, cooked from fresh, whole kernel0.770.914.400.096.15.8
Corn on the cob, yellow and white, cooked from frozen0.560.532.300.23.615.9
Corn, yellow and white, cooked from frozen, whole kernel0.480.46200.173.113.9
Cucumber, raw or blanched, without peel, marinated in oil mixture0.610.720001.30.08
Cucumber, raw or blanched, with peel marinated in oil, with peel mixture0.730.830.0300.011.60.8
Cucumber, raw, without peel0.630.750001.40.08
Cucumber, raw, with peel0.760.870.0300.011.70.83
Daikon (Oriental radish), cooked0.880.820.12001.80
Daikon (Oriental radish), raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture1.51.40.2003.10
Daikon (Oriental radish), raw
Dandelion greens, cooked0.110.080.32000.53
Dandelion greens, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.140.110.42000.660.19
Dandelion greens, raw
Dill weed, fresh1.61.11.5004.30.49
Dishcloth gourd, cooked2.52.70005.20.62
Dock (sourdock), cooked0.120.120.12000.360
Eggplant, cooked1.41.50.24003.20.67
Pickled eggplant11.118.50020.70.67
Eggplant, raw1.61.50.26003.50.24
Endive, curly, cooked0.260.260.13000.650
Endive, curly, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.090.090.04000.220
Endive, curly, raw
Escarole, cooked0.260.260.13000.650
Escarole, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.090.090.04000.220
Escarole, raw
Fennel bulb, raw2.11.60.230040.21
Fiddlehead fern, cooked0.81.50.15002.50
Fiddlehead fern, raw0.6510.23001.90.09
Flower blossom, cooked000.4002.40
Flower blossom, raw000002.40
Garlic, cooked0.250.380.3600125.1
Garlic, fresh0.250.380.3600125.1
Garland chrysanthemum, leaves and stems, cooked 0.780.5500020.44
Garland chrysanthemum, leaves only, raw 000000.010
Garland chrysanthemum, leaves and stems, raw 0.010.010000.020.01
Ginger root, raw0.780.920001.79.5
Grape leaves, canned0.680.680.63001.80
Hearts of palm, canned0000000
Jicama (yambean), cooked000001.82.1
Jicama (yambean), raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture000001.72
Jicama (yambean), raw 000001.82.1
Kale, cooked from fresh0.560.560.13001.30.33
Kale, cooked from frozen0.60.60.14001.30.29
Kale, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.280.190.530010.48
Kale, raw
Kimchi (kim chee)0.760.560.04001.40.95
Kohlrabi, cooked1.210.52002.80.16
Kohlrabi, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture1.31.20.58002.50
Kohlrabi, raw
Lambsquarters (lamb's quarter), cooked0.230.230.22000.620
Lambsquarters (lamb's quarter), raw0.250.350.16000.990.23
Leeks, cooked0.740.840.5002.10.46
Leeks, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture1.41.50.8003.71.1
Leeks, raw
Lemon grass (citronella), raw0.350.352.1002.822
Lentils, canned, drained 000.39000.3913.4
Lentils, cooked from dried000.39000.3913.4
Lettuce, boston, bibb or butterhead0.430.510000.940
Lettuce, green leaf0.360.430000.780
Lettuce, iceberg0.9110.050020
Lettuce, marinated0.840.930.05001.80
Lettuce, mixed greens0.370.50.03000.920.02
Lettuce, red leaf0.20.280000.480
Lettuce, romaine or cos0.390.80001.20
Lotus root, cooked000.5000.55.8
Lupins, cooked000.52000.520.87
Mustard greens, cooked from fresh0.850.560001.41.1
Mustard greens, cooked frozen0.190.130000.320.21
Mustard greens, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.610.460001.20.14
Mustard greens, raw 0.660.50001.30.15
Mushrooms, batter dipped or breaded0.670.510.400.051.617
Brown mushrooms (Italian or Crimini mushrooms), raw1.50.170001.70.7
Mushrooms, canned, drained 0.760.760.76002.31.2
Mushrooms, cooked from fresh0.770.770.77002.31.2
Mushrooms, dried1.70.190002.218.3
Enoki mushrooms, raw0.2200000.221.4
Maitake mushrooms, raw1.7000.3302.11
Mushrooms, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture1.40.160001.90.55
Morel mushrooms, raw0.600000.61.7
Oyster mushrooms, raw1.100001.10
Portabella mushrooms, cooked from fresh2.300002.30.43
Portabella mushrooms, raw20.490002.50.5
Mushrooms, raw 1.50.1700020.59
Shiitake mushrooms, cooked3.800003.83.3
Shiitake mushrooms, raw 2.400002.41.9
Straw mushrooms, canned, drained0.180.180.34000.71.3
Mushrooms, stuffed0.980.970.610.
Okra, batter dipped or breaded0.680.650.5700.05215.9
Okra, cornmeal dipped and fried0.830.690.700.082.319.9
Okra, cooked from fresh0.630.830.89002.40.34
Okra, cooked from frozen0.7511.1002.90.72
Okra, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.310.550.57001.40.33
Pickled okra0.290.520.52001.30.29
Okra, raw 0.320.570.6001.50.34
Pearl onions, cooked2.21.41.1004.70
Pearl onions, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture1.91.20.95004.10
Pearl onions, raw 21.30.99004.20
Fried onion rings, in a can
Fried onion rings, cooked from fresh1.20.770.620.850.013.59.5
Fried onion rings, cooked from frozen0.520.310.6001.434
Fried onion rings, restaurant other than fast food2.81.81.500.036.226.3
Onion, white, yellow or red, cooked2.21.41.1004.70
Onion, white, yellow or red, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture1.91.30.96004.10
Onion, white, yellow or red, raw 21.30.99004.20
Parsnip, cooked0.650.413.5004.86
Parsnip, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.810.54.1004.65.6
Parsnip, raw 0.840.524.3004.85.8
Parsley, cooked0.10.30.2000.850.4
Parsley, fresh0.10.30.2000.850.4
Cowpeas, canned, drained000.42000.428.3
Cowpeas, cooked from dried002.6003.38.3
Cowpeas, cooked from fresh000.34000.3413.9
Cowpeas, cooked from frozen003.5004.512.9
Green peas, canned, drained0.170.052.600.0434
Green peas, canned, drained, rinsed0.170.052.600.0434
Green peas, creamed0.
Green peas, cooked from fresh0.130.415.
Green peas, cooked from frozen0.120.144.300.14.73.9
Green peas, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.120.384.800.175.55.1
Green peas, raw 0.120.39500.175.75.2
Pigeonpeas, cooked00.080.3000.3816.2
Snow peas (edible pea pods), cooked from fresh2.20.121.60041.1
Snow peas (edible pea pods), cooked from frozen2.40.131.7004.81.5
Snow peas (edible pea pods), raw or blanched marinated in oil mixture2.20.370.79003.71.1
Snow peas (edible pea pods), raw
Split peas, yellow or green, canned, drained low sodium002.5002.99.3
Split peas, yellow or green, canned, drained002.5002.99.3
Split peas, yellow or green, cooked from dried000.65000.659.1
Ancho peppers, dried13.516.300029.80
Banana peppers, raw0.881.100020
Green bell peppers, cooked1.61.50.15003.20.38
Green bell peppers, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture1.11.10.11002.30
Green bell peppers1.21.10.11002.40
Hot chili peppers, green, canned, drained1.41.70.3003.40.05
Hot chili peppers, green, cooked from fresh1.21.40.3002.90
Hot chili peppers, green, raw2.91.50.69005.10
Hot chili peppers, red, canned, drained1.51.80003.30
Hot chili peppers, red, cooked from fresh22.40004.40
Hot chili peppers, red, raw2.42.90005.30
Hot chili peppers, sun dried16.920.53.60041.11.2
Hungarian peppers, raw0.92.30.28003.50
Jalapeno pepper, canned, drained0.791.20.2002.10
Jalapeno pepper, cooked from fresh1.21.30.05002.60
Jalapeno pepper, raw1.52.60004.10
Jalapeno pepper, stuffed with cheese, breaded and fried1.
Pasilla peppers, dried13.973.30024.20
Pickled peppers, green and red bell1.41.44006.80
Red bell peppers, cooked2.13.10.04004.40.07
Red bell peppers, sweet, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture1.92.20004.10
Red bell peppers, raw 1.92.30004.20
Serrano peppers, raw1.72.10003.80
Yellow bell peppers, sweet, cooked2.23.10005.30
Yellow bell peppers, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture2.130005.10
Au gratin potato, prepared from fresh0.360.
Au gratin potato, prepared from mix0.310.
Baked potato, plain, skin not eaten0.680.680.34001.717.3
Baked potato, plain, skin eaten0.440.340.4001.217.3
Baked potato, with broccoli in cheese sauce, skin not eaten0.550.550.320.550212.1
Baked potato, with broccoli in cheese sauce, skin eaten0.40.320.370.4501.513
Baked potato, with cheese, skin not eaten0.540.540.270.570213.8
Baked potato, with cheese, skin eaten0.370.280.330.4601.514.4
Baked potato, with sour cream , skin not eaten0.460.460.230.870211.7
Baked potato, with sour cream , skin eaten0.320.250.290.7201.612.7
Twice baked potato, with cheese, skin not eaten0.480.480.240.9102.112.2
Twice baked potato, with cheese, skin eaten0.340.260.310.7401.613.1
Twice baked potato, plain, skin not eaten0.520.520.260.8102.113.2
Twice baked potato, plain, skin eaten0.360.280.330.6501.614
Potato, boiled, without skin0.370.30.19000.8515.8
Potato, boiled, with skin0.30.20.48000.9813
Potato, canned, drained, low sodium0.20.040.12000.3612.2
Potato, canned, drained
Creamed potatoes0.330.260.1820.012.711.5
Potato croquettes0.430.280.190.401.312.6
Potato dumpling (Kartoffelkloesse)0.320.
French fries, cooked from fresh0.640.520.33001.527.5
French fries, cooked from frozen 0.510.420.26001.221.9
French fries, cooked from frozen , fried0.770.620.39001.832.7
French fries, from a restaurant other than fast food0.680.550.35001.628.9
Hashed brown potatoes, prepared from fresh0.710.560.36001.626.3
Hashed brown potatoes, prepared from frozen0.520.420.27001.222.2
Hashed brown potatoes, prepared from mix with cheese0.630.50.350.020.021.523.5
Hashed brown potatoes, prepared from mix 0.730.570.37001.726.7
Knishes (baked onion-filled potato pastries)0.820.520.3900.011.718.4
Lyonnaise (potatoes and onions)0.570.440.29001.319.1
Mashed potatoes, prepared from dehydrated0.
Mashed potatoes, prepared from fresh0.320.260.170.4801.213.7
Potatoes O'Brien (potatoes, green peppers, onions)0.790.640.33001.716.7
Potatoes, pan fried 0.470.380.24001.119.9
Potato patties0.430.280.190.401.312.6
Potato pancakes0.790.370.26001.416.7
Potato pancakes, homemade0.790.370.260.0501.516.7
Potato pudding0.310.140.091.602.17.3
Scalloped potatoes, prepared from fresh0.330.260.1820.012.711.5
Scalloped potatoes, prepared from mix0.330.260.1820.012.711.5
Potato skins, fried0.950.631.5003.154.3
Potato tots (tater tots), baked0.2500000.2520.8
Potato tots (tater tots), fried0.2400000.2420.1
Potato, unknown preparation, without skin0.370.30.19000.8515.8
Potato, unknown preparation0.30.20.48000.9813
Pumpkin, canned1.311003.30.22
Pumpkin, cooked from fresh0.820.630.63002.10.16
Purslane, cooked0.10.10.02000.221.7
Purslane, raw0.340.350.05000.741.5
Radicchio, raw0.180.420000.60
Radish, raw1.10.710.1001.90
Rutabaga, cooked2.11.50.350040.31
Rutabaga, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture2.21.60.5100.024.30.39
Rutabaga, raw
Scallions or spring onions, cooked0.890.740.77002.40
Scallions or spring onions, raw or blanched, tops and bulbs, marinated in oil1.90.770.34002.20.25
Scallions or spring onions, tops and bulb, raw 20.80.36002.30.26
Scallions or spring onions, tops only, raw
Kelp, raw000000.60
Laver (nori), dried0000000
Laver (nori), raw0.0100000.490
Spirulina, dried2.600003.10
Wakame, raw0.4800000.650
Shallot, cooked0.890.740.77002.40
Shallot, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.950.726007.70
Shallot, raw 0.980.746.2007.90
Spinach, canned, drained
Spinach, cooked from fresh0.160.160.15000.430
Spinach, cooked from frozen0.20.090.21000.510
Spinach, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.10.130.06000.370.09
Spinach, raw
Alfalfa sprouts0.080.120000.180
Lentil sprouts, cooked0.030.030.53000.5918.1
Lentil sprouts, raw0.030.030.55000.6118.8
Mung bean sprouts, canned, drained0.670.670001.30.6
Mung bean sprouts, cooked from fresh1.41.40002.81.5
Mung bean sprouts, raw0.91.10.1002.11.7
Soybean sprouts, cooked0.240.240.05000.521.4
Soybean sprouts, raw110.21002.32.1
Split pea sprouts, cooked000.54000.547.5
Split pea sprouts, raw 000.7000.79.8
Acorn squash0.40.730.15001.38.6
Buttercup squash0.951.21.6003.32.2
Butternut squash0.660.660.620022.7
Chayote squash, cooked0.90.960.110020.47
Hubbard squash1.61.61.6004.91
Scallop squash0.510.650.02001.50.19
Spaghetti squash10.890.57002.50.64
Summer squash, cooked from fresh0.881.10.04002.60.4
Summer squash, cooked from frozen0.881.10.04002.60.4
Summer squash, raw0.750.950.03002.20.11
Winter type (dark green or orange) squash, cooked0.951.21.6003.32.2
Zucchini, batter dipped or breaded0.750.680.120.440.22.311.6
Zucchini, with cheese sauce0.420.420.11.802.90.95
Zucchini, creamed0.420.420.
Zucchini, cooked from fresh0.70.70.16001.70
Zucchini, cooked from frozen0.710.80.17001.70.1
Zucchini, Italian style, canned1.52.50.55004.50.06
Pickled zucchini1.21.34.50070.01
Zucchini, raw1.11.40.05002.50
Sweet potato, baked0.570.52.303.16.57.1
Sweet potato, boiled0.540.431.403.35.75.2
Sweet potato, canned, low sodium, drained0.
Sweet potato, canned, syrup packed, drained0.
Sweet potato, canned, vacuum packed0.440.391.802.456.2
Sweet potato casserole, with pumpkin0.780.5225.30.021.327.94.3
Sweet potato, cooked from frozen0.810.713.
Sweet potato pudding0.690.6617.90.071.320.62.9
Sweet potato, raw0.960.72.5004.212.7
Sweet potato, unknown preparation0.570.52.303.16.57.1
Tannier (malanga or yautia), cooked0.070.070.3000.4925.8
Taro, dasheen, leaves, cooked0.100.11000.210.26
Taro, dasheen, root, baked0.070.070.3000.4925.8
Taro, dasheen, root, boiled0.070.070.3000.4925.8
Tomatillo, raw1.92.10003.90
Tomato aspic1.11.31.5004.30
Tomato, canned, low sodium1.11.30.01002.40.18
Tomato, canned1.11.30.01002.40.18
Tomato, cooked from fresh1.21.30002.50
Green tomato, raw1.92.100040
Tomato, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture1.21.30002.60
Orange tomato, raw1.31.40002.60
Tomato paste, low sodium5.85.90.300.2812.20.22
Tomato paste5.85.90.300.2812.20.22
Tomato puree, no salt2.52.40004.80.15
Tomato puree2.52.40004.80.15
Tomato raw (includes cherry, grape, roma)1.31.40002.60
Scalloped tomatoes1.
Sun-dried tomato, dry pack1126.600037.60
Sun-dried tomatoes, oil pack, drained4.19.900013.90
Yellow tomato, raw1.31.40002.60
Turnip greens, cooked from fresh0.5300000.530.39
Turnip greens, cooked from frozen0.7900000.750.71
Turnip greens, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.480.270000.752.9
Turnip greens, raw 0.520.290000.813.1
Turnip, cooked1.41.10.430030.14
Turnip, creamed0.770.
Turnip, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture1.91.40.48003.70.17
Pickled turnip1.71.34.4007.30.13
Turnip, raw1.91.40.5003.80.18
Watercress, cooked0.110.030.06000.20.1
Watercress, raw or blanched, marinated in oil mixture0.10.030.05000.180.09
Watercress, raw
Waterchestnuts, canned0000005.3
Waterchestnuts, raw or blanched, marinated in oil000004.69.8
Waterchestnuts, raw 000004.810.2
White-flowered gourd (calabash or bottle), cooked0.841.20.25002.30
Winter melon (waxgourd or chinese preserving melon)0.590.590001.20.86
Yams, sweet potato type, baked0.570.52.303.16.57.1
Yams, sweet potato type, boiled0.540.431.403.35.75.2
Yams, sweet potato type, canned, syrup packed, drained0.
Yams, sweet potato type, canned vacuum packed0.440.391.802.456.2
Yams, sweet potato type, candied0.680.58150.042.7196.1
Yams, sweet potato type, cooked from frozen0.810.713.
Yams, sweet potato type, raw0.960.72.5004.212.7
Yams, sweet potato type, unknown preparation0.570.52.303.16.57.1