Food Composition (Fruits and fruit products)

DescriptionPortion Size (Amount)Portion Size (Unit)Total Sugars (grams)Glucose (grams)Fructose (grams)Sucrose (grams)Lactose (grams)Maltose (grams)Starch (grams)
Beech-Nut Classics Apple & Banana - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ12.843.5227.5071.7200.081.022
Beech-Nut Classics Apple & Blueberry - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ9.9784.0455.4690.463000.011
Beech-Nut Classics Apple & Cherry - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ12.2154.5316.4640.84800.1020
Beech-Nut Classics Apple, Mango & Kiwi - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ17.6963.7519.2794.56500.0870
Beech-Nut Classics Apple, Pear & Banana - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ11.7593.2127.0791.400.0550.726
Beech-Nut Classics Apples - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ14.1793.4738.8791.70600.1060
Beech-Nut Classics Apricot, Pear & Apple - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ18.9994.8738.475.54900.0870
Beech-Nut Classics Banana & Mixed Berry - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ12.0934.5615.5671.92300.0283.501
Beech-Nut Classics Banana & Strawberry - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ11.5234.7154.622.17900.0094.788
Beech-Nut Classics Bananas - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ11.2524.5824.4622.19900.0094.95
Beech-Nut Classics Mango - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ13.4272.2793.9327.19800.0180
Beech-Nut Classics Peaches - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ8.391.951.534.7600.080
Beech-Nut Classics Pear & Pineapple - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ9.7182.1476.7910.768000
Beech-Nut Classics Pear & Raspberry - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ8.8762.4685.7490.643000.017
Beech-Nut Classics Pears - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ9.6042.5616.3240.699000
Beech-Nut Fruities on-the-go Apple, Peach & Strawberry Puree - stage 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ11.1192.9125.4882.60600.0810
Beech-Nut Fruities on-the-go Banana, Apple & Strawberry Puree - stage 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ11.4173.8925.6681.81200.0412.69
Beech-Nut Fruities on-the-go Peach, Apple & Banana Puree - stage 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ10.6252.9084.2863.31900.0730.968
Beech-Nut Fruities on-the-go Pear, Banana & Raspberry Puree - stage 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ9.9543.335.4431.16900.0031.641
Beech-Nut Fruities on-the-go Prune & Pear Puree - stage 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ11.0374.3196.1280.56700.0050.46
Beech-Nut Naturals Banana, Orange & Pineapple - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ12.8964.4394.4633.89500.0084.089
Beech-Nut Naturals Bananas - stage 11jar - each 4 OZ13.825.6275.482.70100.0116.079
Beech-Nut Naturals Bananas - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ13.7665.6075.462.68900.0116.053
Beech-Nut Naturals Just Apple & Blackberry - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ14.8323.8049.1871.70500.1160
Beech-Nut Naturals Just Apple & Kiwi - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ12.9063.4097.9161.43200.1120
Beech-Nut Naturals Just Apple & Strawberry - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ12.4133.5467.3891.39400.0740
Beech-Nut Naturals Just Guava, Pear & Strawberry - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ8.8792.8674.2531.708000.072
Beech-Nut Naturals Just Honeycrisp Apples - stage 11jar - each 4 OZ12.5833.0827.8791.51400.0940
Beech-Nut Naturals Just Mango - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ15.4362.2715.2887.876000
Beech-Nut Naturals Just Mango, Apple & Avocado - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ18.1963.3228.0976.71800.0490.2
Beech-Nut Naturals Just Mango, Kiwi & Papaya - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ13.313.1295.0415.05300.0440
Beech-Nut Naturals Just Pear & Blueberry - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ10.7183.2836.7370.66000.007
Beech-Nut Naturals Just Pears - stage 11jar - each 4 OZ11.0172.9387.2550.802000
Beech-Nut Naturals Just Pineapple, Pear & Avocado - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ13.0682.7414.9745.33000.007
Beech-Nut Naturals Prunes - stage 11jar - each 4 OZ12.5838.4024.1090.0500.021.686
Beech-Nut Organic Banana, Blueberry & Avocado - stage 2 coldpuree1pouch - each 3.5 OZ10.5714.4684.3951.67500.0073.725
Beech-Nut Organic Bananas - stage 20.25cup7.3062.9762.8981.42700.0063.212
Beech-Nut Organic Just Apple, Blueberry & Cranberry - stage 20.25cup6.5921.9333.9230.67900.0410.003
Beech-Nut Organic Just Apple, Raspberry & Avocado - stage 20.25cup5.4451.4563.3240.62300.0360.022
Beech-Nut Organic Just Apples - stage 10.25cup6.7971.6644.2560.81900.0510
Beech-Nut Organic Just Mango - stage 20.25cup8.7421.2862.9954.461000
Beech-Nut Organic Just Pears - stage 10.25cup6.241.6644.1090.454000
Beech-Nut Organic Mango - stage 1 coldpuree1pouch - each 3.5 OZ13.5231.994.6336.9000
Beech-Nut Organic Pear & Apricot - stage 2 coldpuree1pouch - each 3.5 OZ9.5252.5174.9861.99300.0150
Beech-Nut Organic Prunes - Stage 10.25cup10.0026.6783.270.04200.0180
Beech-Nut Fruities on-the-go Apple, Mango & Carrot Puree - stage 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ12.3812.516.1513.65500.0560.061
Beech-Nut Fruities on-the-go Apple, Sweet Potato & Pineapple Puree - stage 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ13.2943.1487.1212.05900.851.745
Beech-Nut Fruities on-the-go Banana, Pear & Sweet Potato Puree - stage 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ10.0463.2074.4611.74700.6223.758
Beech-Nut Fruities on-the-go Pear, Mango & Squash Puree - stage 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ10.0572.2325.2032.68500.0220.537
Beech-Nut Naturals Apple & Pumpkin - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ9.2572.4875.3251.37800.0580.122
Beech-Nut Naturals Apple, Squash & Zucchini - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ8.9492.3055.2521.44700.0560.716
Beech-Nut Naturals Banana, Blueberry & Green Beans - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ11.1574.6734.6191.80200.0314.227
Beech-Nut Naturals Just Apple & Kale - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ13.8213.4278.5971.68100.1010.049
Beech-Nut Naturals Just Apple & Zucchini - stage 31jar - each 4 OZ9.2962.4255.6921.10200.0630.05
Beech-Nut Naturals Just Apple, Berry & Black Bean - stage 31jar - each 4 OZ11.4693.1896.891.28900.0721.553
Beech-Nut Naturals Just Pear, Raspberry & Asparagus - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ8.7062.6095.4580.628000.052
Beech-Nut Naturals Just Raspberry, Apple & Beets - stage 21jar - each 4 OZ12.1282.7696.3512.71800.0690.15
Beech-Nut Organic Apple, Black Bean & Raspberry - stage 3 coldpuree1pouch - each 3.5 OZ9.9232.5886.0081.25200.0661.83
Beech-Nut Organic Apple, Sweet Potato, Pineapple & Oat - stage 2 coldpuree1pouch - each 3.5 OZ8.4831.5643.1212.69101.1012.578
Beech-Nut Organic Banana, Carrot & Cranberry - stage 2 coldpuree1pouch - each 3.5 OZ8.9643.3023.0582.59700.0063.353
Beech-Nut Organic Banana, Cherry & Beet - stage 2 coldpuree1pouch - each 3.5 OZ11.5444.464.1752.6600.0253.805
Beech-Nut Organic Banana, Mango & Sweet Potatoes - stage 20.25cup7.3632.0532.5152.39300.4012.619
Beech-Nut Organic Just Apple & Green Beans - stage 20.25cup5.951.4823.6770.71500.060.22
Beech-Nut Organic Just Apple, Kiwi & Spinach - stage 20.25cup6.5881.7993.9960.70800.0610
Beech-Nut Organic Just Apple, Strawberry & Beets - stage 20.25cup6.6561.5753.611.33600.040.051
Beech-Nut Organic Mango, Carrot & Orange - stage 20.25cup8.3331.2052.6474.456000.05
Beech-Nut Organic Pear, Kale & Cucumber - stage 20.25cup5.2411.4243.4130.393000.028
Beech-Nut Organic Pear, Pumpkin & Cranberry - stage 2 coldpuree1pouch - each 3.5 OZ7.4732.2324.4650.762000.065
Beech-Nut Organic Pear, Pumpkin & Pineapple - stage 20.25cup5.0091.3022.5141.185000.042
Beech-Nut Fruit & Veggie Melties - Apple & Pumpkin0.25cup5.2691.3063.2660.65300.0390.041
Beech-Nut Fruit & Veggie Melties - Banana, Blueberry & Green Beans0.25cup3.9311.6571.6450.600.0141.465
Earth's Best Organic Apples - 21jar - each 4 OZ11.7382.8757.351.41300.0880
Earth's Best Organic Apples & Apricots - 21jar - each 4 OZ10.4523.2545.4131.77400.0110
Earth's Best Organic Apples & Blueberries - 21jar - each 4 OZ10.33.1936.080.93400.0560.01
Earth's Best Organic Apples & Plums - 21jar - each 4 OZ11.3254.3865.9490.91900.0620.511
Earth's Best Organic Banana Mango - 21jar - each 4 OZ10.8043.6894.1372.97100.0073.551
Earth's Best Organic Banana Peach Raspberry - 21jar - each 4 OZ11.4154.2054.0633.09300.0323.266
Earth's Best Organic Bananas - 21jar - each 4 OZ11.2524.5824.4622.19900.0094.95
Earth's Best Organic First Apples - 11jar - each 2.5 OZ8.1011.9815.0690.97300.0640
Earth's Best Organic First Bananas - 11jar - each 2.5 OZ7.5833.0883.0071.48200.0063.336
Earth's Best Organic First Pears - 11jar - each 2.5 OZ7.0011.8744.6360.511000
Earth's Best Organic First Prunes - 11jar - each 2.5 OZ6.5584.3792.1410.02600.010.879
Earth's Best Organic Organic Banana Blueberry Baby Food Puree - 21pouch - each 4 OZ10.2044.2744.1941.71300.0073.825
Earth's Best Organic Organic Orange Banana Baby Food Puree - 21pouch - each 4 OZ12.7884.8774.8183.08400.0094.842
Earth's Best Organic Organic Peach Mango Baby Food Puree - 21pouch - each 4 OZ14.4593.0583.206800.1040
Earth's Best Organic Pears - 21jar - each 4 OZ8.972.3925.9060.653000
Earth's Best Organic Pears & Mangos - 21jar - each 4 OZ13.3023.1237.6372.522000
Earth's Best Organic Pears & Raspberries - 21jar - each 4 OZ9.8872.8286.3290.714000.032
Earth's Best Organic Prunes - 21jar - each 4 OZ11.827.8933.8590.04600.0191.584
Earth's Best Organic Apple Butternut Squash - 21jar - each 4 OZ8.4582.1575.0211.20200.0561.277
Earth's Best Organic Organic Mango Carrot & Yogurt made with Coconut Oil - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ6.0631.2851.9252.4780.270.0024.106
Earth's Best Organic Organic Pear Carrot Apricot Baby Food Puree - 31pouch - each 4.2 OZ14.1563.527.3683.23200.0140.099
Ella's Kitchen Amaaazing Apple & Zucchini Smoothie Drink1container - each 8 FO8.1132.1334.890.96400.0950.546
Ella's Kitchen Blueberry Apple Juice Blend Drink1container - each 6.76 FO4.7851.5752.730.479000.004
Ella's Kitchen Mmmighty Strawberry & Red Beet Smoothie Drink1container - each 8 FO9.1623.0244.4791.500.0430.059
Ella's Kitchen Organic Mango Coconut & Rice Drink1container - each 6.76 FO6.4980.8711.9923.40100.1677.698
Ella's Kitchen Organic Pear & Strawberry Coconut & Rice Drink1container - each 6.76 FO4.1831.1812.2170.7130010.908
Ella's Kitchen Strawberry Lemonade Juice Blend Drink1container - each 6.76 FO4.3031.3492.4530.44800.0880
Ella's Kitchen Superrr Sweet Potato & Mango Smoothie Drink1container - each 8 FO11.1882.414.6653.53200.5640.783
Ella's Kitchen Apples & Strawberries - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ10.792.6976.7161.28800.0780
Ella's Kitchen Apples Apples Apples - 11pouch - each 2.5 OZ7.4341.824.6550.89600.0560
Ella's Kitchen Bananas & Apples - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ11.2274.0995.1211.97600.0283.658
Ella's Kitchen Bananas Bananas Bananas - 11pouch - each 2.5 OZ8.5673.4893.3981.67300.0073.766
Ella's Kitchen Mangoes Mangoes Mangoes - 11pouch - each 2.5 OZ9.5621.4073.2764.879000.161
Ella's Kitchen Peaches & Bananas - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ9.8423.1422.8433.76400.0512.152
Ella's Kitchen Pears Mangoes & Papayas - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ11.5332.9855.7432.794000
Ella's Kitchen Pears Pears Pears - 11pouch - each 2.5 OZ6.8251.824.4940.497000
Ella's Kitchen The Green One1pouch - each 3 OZ9.5492.8355.4421.21200.0441.076
Ella's Kitchen The Purple One1pouch - each 3 OZ10.1833.4875.051.60300.0362.422
Ella's Kitchen The Red One1pouch - each 3 OZ8.7713.0224.3111.40500.032.156
Ella's Kitchen The Yellow One1pouch - each 3 OZ10.9453.3465.1012.45500.0382.152
Ella's Kitchen Apples Carrots & Parsnips - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ7.771.6123.692.37100.0421.231
Ella's Kitchen Apples Carrots Prunes & Butternut Squash - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ10.8484.9044.2881.61100.0361.262
Ella's Kitchen Apples Green Beans & Raisins - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ18.0536.47410.1851.14800.1792.715
Ella's Kitchen Apples Sweet Potatoes Pumpkin & Blueberries - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ7.7681.8993.4721.41300.9682.162
Ella's Kitchen Pears Peas & Broccoli - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ8.4072.0995.121.15900.0140.587
Gerber Apple Banana with Lil' Bits - 3rd Foods1pack - each 5 OZ22.015.56212.1514.10800.0912.09
Gerber Apple Blueberry - 2nd Foods1pack - each 4 OZ10.33.1936.080.93400.0560.01
Gerber Apple Blueberry with Lil' Bits - 3rd Foods1pack - each 5 OZ17.9074.2510.4023.06200.0770.053
Gerber Apple Strawberry Banana - 2nd Foods1pack - each 4 OZ10.3722.8876.0761.33700.0640.646
Gerber Apples - 1st Foods1pack - each 2.5 OZ8.1011.9815.0690.97300.0640
Gerber Apples - 2nd Foods1pack - each 4 OZ12.0012.9387.5151.44600.090
Gerber Apples & Cherries - 2nd Foods1pack - each 4 OZ12.2154.5316.4640.84800.1020
Gerber Apricot with Mixed Fruit - 2nd Foods1pack - each 4 OZ12.9953.7635.5143.6500.0571.232
Gerber Banana Apple Mango with Lil' Bits - 3rd Foods1pack - each 5 OZ24.2165.73512.3815.92800.0772.144
Gerber Banana Apple Strawberry with Lil' Bits - 3rd Foods1pack - each 5 OZ22.5266.00712.1554.18600.0822.413
Gerber Banana Mixed Berries - 2nd Foods1pack - each 4 OZ12.2925.1155.0222.12200.0214.737
Gerber Banana Orange Medley - 2nd Foods1pack - each 4 OZ14.5864.7425.764.06500.0184.035
Gerber Banana Plum Grape - 2nd Foods1pack - each 4 OZ15.1486.6425.9472.48300.0354.412
Gerber Bananas - 1st Foods1pack - each 2.5 OZ135.2975.1552.54200.0072.265
Gerber Bananas - 2nd Foods1pack - each 4 OZ18.9957.7297.5373.71800.0114.124
Gerber Bananas with Apples & Pears - 2nd Foods1pack - each 4 OZ12.8694.7255.9062.20900.0244.196
Gerber Fruit Pick-Ups Diced Apples1container - each 4.5 OZ13.4145.0057.6670.742000
Gerber Fruit Pick-Ups Diced Peaches1container - each 4.5 OZ12.1474.1734.573.00800.3840
Gerber Grabbers Apple Mango Strawberry1pouch - each 4.2 OZ13.2662.977.2982.91700.0710
Gerber Grabbers Apple Pear Peach1pouch - each 4.2 OZ12.1353.0537.2191.77700.060
Gerber Grabbers Apple Strawberry Banana1pouch - each 4.2 OZ12.3443.377.311.57400.0780.646
Gerber Grabbers Banana1pouch - each 4.2 OZ14.6765.9765.822.86800.0126.456
Gerber Grabbers Banana Blueberry1pouch - each 4.2 OZ13.3535.6685.5822.06300.0094.583
Gerber Graduates Grabbers Apple Blueberry1pouch - each 4.2 OZ12.6673.3267.8091.42200.0880.003
Gerber Graduates Grabbers Banana Apricot1pouch - each 4.2 OZ13.1275.1364.7973.17500.0195.165
Gerber Island Fruit Blend with Lil' Bits - 3rd Foods1pack - each 5 OZ17.4543.5839.5254.22100.0210.051
Gerber Mango Apple Twist - 2nd Foods1pack - each 4 OZ14.0422.3125.3176.05600.0024.657
Gerber Mangoes - 2nd Foods1pack - each 4 OZ15.4362.2715.2887.876000
Gerber Orchard Fruit Medley with Lil' Bits - 3rd Foods1pack - each 5 OZ18.073.9079.7754.20200.0650.046
Gerber Organic Apples - 1st Foods1pouch - each 3.17 OZ102.4496.2621.20300.0750
Gerber Organic Apples & Blackberries - 2nd Foods1pouch - each 3.5 OZ9.4242.5535.7581.02100.0770
Gerber Organic Apples & Peaches - 2nd Foods1pouch - each 3.5 OZ10.912.6546.1991.9500.0840
Gerber Organic Apples, Raspberries & Acai - 2nd Foods1pouch - each 3.5 OZ10.1292.576.2831.19500.0720.013
Gerber Organic Bananas - 1st Foods1pouch - each 3.17 OZ15.1296.1566.0032.96100.0093.285
Gerber Organic Bananas & Mangoes - 2nd Foods1pouch - each 3.5 OZ11.9444.4794.6582.79800.0094.573
Gerber Organic Mangoes - 1st Foods1pouch - each 3.17 OZ13.662.014.686.97000
Gerber Organic Pears, Blueberries, Apples & Avocado - 2nd Foods1pouch - each 3.5 OZ9.5763.215.7050.59700.0150.015
Gerber Organic Pears, Mangoes & Avocado - 3rd Foods1pouch - each 4.2 OZ13.3682.6346.3334.382000.009
Gerber Organic Pears, Peaches & Strawberries - 2nd Foods1pouch - each 3.5 OZ10.3532.7695.7361.79500.020
Gerber Peaches - 1st Foods1pack - each 2.5 OZ9.0032.0451.6054.99100.0850
Gerber Peaches - 2nd Foods1pack - each 4 OZ12.9954.6444.5313.819000
Gerber Pear Apple Berry with Lil' Bits - 3rd Foods1pack - each 5 OZ16.3734.0229.6692.54600.0170.052
Gerber Pear Pineapple - 2nd Foods1pack - each 4 OZ9.7182.1476.7910.768000
Gerber Pears - 1st Foods1pack - each 2.5 OZ7.0011.8744.6360.511000
Gerber Pears - 2nd Foods1pack - each 4 OZ12.0013.1987.8990.87000
Gerber Prunes - 1st Foods1pack - each 2.5 OZ8.3895.6012.7390.03300.0131.124
Gerber Prunes with Apples - 2nd Foods1pack - each 4 OZ13.0786.5895.790.64200.051.073
Gerber Apple Peach Squash - 2nd Foods1pack - each 4 OZ11.0422.7095.5682.7500.0810.543
Gerber Banana Carrot Mango - 2nd Foods1pack - each 4 OZ10.7153.0043.6684.03800.0052.615
Gerber Grabbers Apple Carrot Pineapple1pouch - each 4.2 OZ12.6612.9697.2962.29900.0840.031
Gerber Grabbers Apple Sweet Potato with Cinnamon1pouch - each 4.2 OZ10.8082.4866.1981.5400.5721.191
Gerber Grabbers Banana Pear Zucchini1pouch - each 4.2 OZ12.5964.3826.4381.75600.0062.989
Gerber Graduates Grabbers Apple, Peach & Spinach1pouch - each 4.2 OZ14.6753.567.6773.28100.1160
Gerber Graduates Grabbers Pear & Squash1pouch - each 4.2 OZ10.7332.8736.9140.983000.326
Gerber Organic Apples, Blueberries & Spinach - 2nd Foods1pouch - each 3.5 OZ9.8662.8675.920.99100.060.007
Gerber Organic Apples, Carrots & Squash - 2nd Foods1pouch - each 3.5 OZ9.7932.3595.8771.50900.0690.198
Gerber Organic Apples, Kale & Fig - 3rd Foods1pouch - each 4.2 OZ14.6713.8749.0181.6600.1010.125
Gerber Organic Apples, Zucchini, Spinach & Strawberries - 2nd Foods1pouch - each 3.5 OZ9.1032.3335.6061.08900.0640.015
Gerber Organic Bananas & Squash - 2nd Foods1pouch - each 3.5 OZ10.594.2454.1732.22800.0084.781
Gerber Organic Bananas, Beets & Pomegranate - 3rd Foods1pouch - each 4.2 OZ14.5986.075.9642.51700.0095.078
Gerber Organic Mangoes, Apples, Carrots & Kale - 2nd Foods1pouch - each 3.5 OZ10.9731.9224.3784.64100.0280.153
Gerber Organic Mangoes, Bananas, Squash & Acerola - 2nd Foods1pouch - each 3.5 OZ11.7633.0364.2934.42700.0042.391
Gerber Organic Pears & Spinach - 2nd Foods1pouch - each 3.5 OZ8.7292.3345.7230.653000
Gerber Organic Pears, Carrots & Peas - 2nd Foods1pouch - each 3.5 OZ8.9182.1335.1381.6200.010.449
Gerber Organic Pears, Peaches, Pumpkin & Figs - 2nd Foods1pouch - each 3.5 OZ10.3762.8544.6792.76300.0360.101
Gerber Organic Pears, Zucchini & Mangoes - 2nd Foods1pouch - each 3.5 OZ10.3672.4735.7962.082000.026
Gerber Pear Zucchini Corn - 2nd Foods1pack - each 4 OZ9.9132.6726.3550.85300.0120.988
Gerber Apple Juice4fluid ounce13.3543.6577.951.747000
Gerber Apple Pomegranate Cherry Juice4fluid ounce12.9924.385.7912.833000.162
Gerber Apple Prune Juice4fluid ounce12.9924.385.7912.833000.162
Gerber Apple Carrot Blend Juice4fluid ounce12.483.5696.091.797000
Gerber Graduates Fruit Splashers - all flavors4fluid ounce7.2512.683.720.495000
Gerber Mango Pineapple & Carrot Juice4fluid ounce15.3046.9566.9731.14600.230
Gerber Mixed Fruit Juice4fluid ounce12.9924.385.7912.833000.162
Gerber Organic Apple Juice4fluid ounce13.3543.6577.951.747000
Gerber Organic Pear Juice4fluid ounce9.0852.4215.9780.661000
Gerber Pear Juice4fluid ounce9.0852.4215.9780.661000
Gerber White Grape Juice4fluid ounce19.0949.169.8970.05000
Gerber Graduates Fruit & Veggie Melts - Truly Tropical Blend32piece3.8620.8631.6691.31900.0091.855
Gerber Graduates Fruit & Veggie Melts - Very Berry Blend32piece3.5951.2911.7320.5600.0091.548
Happy Baby Clearly Crafted Mangos - 11pouch - each 3.5 OZ15.4362.2715.2887.876000.26
Happy Baby Clearly Crafted Prunes - 11pouch - each 3.5 OZ10.2956.8743.3610.0400.0161.38
Happy Baby Simple Combos Apples, Cherries & Blueberries - 21pouch - each 4 OZ16.3674.9029.6051.59800.1210.003
Happy Baby Starting Solids Mangos - 11pouch - each 3.5 OZ15.4362.2715.2887.876000.26
Happy Squeeze Super Organic Apple, Blueberry & Pomegranate1pouch - each 3.17 OZ12.3453.7487.3511.14800.070.006
Happy Squeeze Super Organic Apple, Strawberry & Guava1pouch - each 3.17 OZ10.7882.9036.4531.34900.0690.008
Happy Tot Coconut Mixed Berry Puree with Coconut Milk1pouch - each 4 OZ15.1453.8819.2631.87600.1030.005
Happy Tot Super Foods Organic Bananas, Peaches & Mangos + Super Chia - 41pouch - each 4.2 OZ12.6134.3694.3073.87800.0354.063
Happy Tot Super Foods Organic Bananas, Peaches, Prunes & Coconut + Super Chia - 41pouch - each 4.2 OZ13.9835.5984.6783.63600.0424.319
Happy Baby Clearly Crafted Apples, Guavas & Beets - 21pouch - each 4 OZ14.5333.4798.2432.59700.0930.075
Happy Baby Clearly Crafted Apples, Kale & Avocados - 21pouch - each 4 OZ12.7463.1717.9081.55600.0930.064
Happy Baby Clearly Crafted Apples, Pumpkin & Carrots - 21pouch - each 4 OZ11.5922.9186.3562.23800.070.154
Happy Baby Clearly Crafted Bananas, Sweet Potatoes & Papayas - 21pouch - each 4 OZ10.6653.7973.6672.28600.9125.703
Happy Baby Clearly Crafted Pears, Kale & Spinach - 21pouch - each 4 OZ8.7272.3685.6620.679000.046
Happy Baby Clearly Crafted Pears, Pumpkin & Passion Fruit - 21pouch - each 4 OZ9.8922.8925.7181.219000.101
Happy Baby Clearly Crafted Pears, Squash & Blackberries - 21pouch - each 4 OZ9.6342.8175.7771.14800.0150.825
Happy Baby Simple Combos Apples, Strawberries, Beets & Greek Yogurt - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ11.4492.3765.441.7111.2750.060.053
Happy Baby Simple Combos Apricots, Sweet Potato & Bananas - 21pouch - each 4 OZ9.5632.1971.4034.45901.4994.067
Happy Baby Simple Combos Bananas, Beets & Blueberries - 21pouch - each 4 OZ12.554.5694.4523.32400.0084.521
Happy Baby Simple Combos Bananas, Kiwi & Spinach - 21pouch - each 4 OZ12.3345.185.1631.85100.0744.035
Happy Baby Simple Combos Bananas, Pumpkin & Greek Yogurt - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ9.3813.553.4141.7590.6510.0073.649
Happy Baby Simple Combos Pears, Raspberries & Carrots - 21pouch - each 4 OZ9.6772.6775.9711.014000.06
Happy Squeeze Twist Organic Apple, Beet, Strawberry & Kiwi1pouch - each 3.17 OZ10.2382.3835.2632.32100.0660.106
Happy Squeeze Twist Organic Apple, Kale & Mango1pouch - each 3.17 OZ11.4252.586.3122.46100.0630.058
Happy Tot Fiber & Protein Organic Pears, Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin & Cinnamon - 41pouch - each 4 OZ10.7272.826.61.2360.030.0160.138
Happy Tot Fiber & Protein Organic Pears, Blueberries & Spinach - 41pouch - each 4 OZ9.743.3475.8190.4930.0300.045
Happy Tot Fiber & Protein Organic Pears, Kiwi & Kale - 41pouch - each 4 OZ9.8882.7236.3970.6990.030.010.078
Happy Tot Fiber & Protein Organic Pears, Raspberries, Butternut Squash & Carrots - 41pouch - each 4 OZ9.9212.7456.2980.830.0300.15
Happy Tot Love My Veggies - Bananas, Beets, Squash & Blueberries - 41pouch - each 4.2 OZ9.2422.9612.8743.14500.0053.575
Happy Tot Super Foods Organic Apples & Butternut Squash + Super Chia - 41pouch - each 4.2 OZ14.5663.5919.0231.82600.1060.589
Happy Tot Super Foods Organic Apples, Mangos & Kale + Super Chia - 41pouch - each 4.2 OZ16.643.5028.624.43100.0770.26
Happy Tot Super Foods Organic Apples, Spinach, Peas & Broccoli + Super Chia - 41pouch - each 4.2 OZ12.9063.147.9571.69700.0980.374
Happy Tot Super Foods Organic Apples, Sweet Potato, Carrots & Cinnamon + Super Chia - 41pouch - each 4.2 OZ14.4053.4138.5852.00900.3820.953
Happy Tot Super Foods Organic Pears, Bananas, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin + Super Chia - 41pouch - each 4.2 OZ10.5143.1565.8071.31500.2212.039
Happy Tot Super Foods Organic Pears, Blueberries & Beets + Super Chia - 41pouch - each 4.2 OZ10.2392.9686.4050.816000.258
Happy Tot Super Foods Organic Pears, Mangos & Spinach + Super Chia - 41pouch - each 4.2 OZ9.6121.9634.6912.948000.243
Happy Tot Super Foods Organic Pears, Peas & Green Beans + Super Chia - 41pouch - each 4.2 OZ10.2772.6936.5870.96400.0110.507
Happy Tot Super Smart Organic Bananas, Beets & Strawberries - 41pouch - each 4 OZ9.7843.2323.1473.16400.0063.36
Happy Tot Super Smart Organic Bananas, Mangos & Spinach + Coconut Milk - 41pouch - each 4 OZ12.5293.9144.6633.94400.0073.497
Happy Tot Super Smart Organic Pears, Mangos & Peas - 41pouch - each 4 OZ10.8882.0344.8843.93100.0281.092
Plum Organic Mashups Berry!1pouch - each 3.17 OZ7.7422.1924.6570.82400.0570.265
Plum Organic Mashups Strawberry Banana!1pouch - each 3.17 OZ9.1162.8184.9521.29600.0441.555
Plum Organics Eat Your Colors Red - Strawberry, Apple, Rhubarb & Oats - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ6.0051.8243.4350.71800.0282.217
Plum Organics Grow Well DHA - Blueberry, Banana, Apple & Sunflower Seed Butter with Chia - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ10.0632.9785.3921.62800.051.202
Plum Organics Just Mangos - 11pouch - each 3.5 OZ15.4362.2715.2887.876000.26
Plum Organics Just Peaches - 11pouch - each 3.5 OZ9.6482.2421.7595.47400.0920
Plum Organics Just Prunes - 11pouch - each 3.5 OZ10.2956.8743.3610.0400.0161.38
Plum Organics Peach, Banana & Apricot - 21pouch - each 4 OZ11.4863.763.334.30500.0532.69
Plum Organics Pear & Mango - 21pouch - each 4 OZ11.8963.0097.4021.464000
Plum Organic Mashups Beetbox Berry!1pouch - each 3.17 OZ9.2022.2255.591.29300.0660.335
Plum Organic Mashups Blueberry Blitz!1pouch - each 3.17 OZ8.9962.6925.2850.93900.050.255
Plum Organic Mashups Carroty Chop!1pouch - each 3.17 OZ8.9732.1195.3731.41100.0620.343
Plum Organics Apple & Banana Smoothie with Butternut Squash, Date & Oats1pouch - each 3.17 OZ8.0272.463.6791.83600.0313.454
Plum Organics Apple & Broccoli - 21pouch - each 4 OZ9.3522.3235.761.200.0670.156
Plum Organics Apple & Carrot - 21pouch - each 4 OZ9.1692.0164.9222.16500.0570.112
Plum Organics Apple, Raspberry, Spinach & Greek Yogurt - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ4.6961.3782.5250.5110.2030.0212.94
Plum Organics Banana & Pumpkin - 21pouch - each 4 OZ10.8244.4024.2522.16100.0094.602
Plum Organics Banana, Zucchini & Amaranth - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ6.1592.492.4371.22400.0056.46
Plum Organics Cherry, Corn, Pear & Greek Yogurt - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ6.0662.3892.3980.7530.2030.0877.045
Plum Organics Eat Your Colors Orange - Peach, Pumpkin, Carrot & Cinnamon - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ7.2971.7691.3854.02700.0620.121
Plum Organics Eat Your Colors Purple - Cherry, Purple Carrot, Blackberry & Millet - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ6.9783.1442.5850.94500.0643.571
Plum Organics Eat Your Colors Purple - Plum, Eggplant, Blueberry & Sorghum - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ6.0032.9612.3020.62700.0282.412
Plum Organics Eat Your Colors White - Apple, Cauliflower & Leek - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ6.0171.563.6450.75900.0410.129
Plum Organics Eat Your Colors Yellow - Mango, Yellow Zucchini, Corn & Turmeric - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ8.711.4442.9394.28900.0342.903
Plum Organics Grow Well Tummy - Prune, Pear, Peach & Pumpkin with Chia - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ12.9056.6284.7131.50600.0331.291
Plum Organics Mango, Sweet Potato, Apple & Millet - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ7.9241.3052.7362.97800.9034.904
Plum Organics Peach & Banana Smoothie with Pumpkin, Oats & Chia1pouch - each 3.17 OZ4.5921.5171.3771.66300.025.195
Plum Organics Pear, Green Bean & Greek Yogurt - 21pouch - each 3.5 OZ4.8171.2762.8550.410.1520.0493.498
Plum Organics Pear, Purple Carrot & Blueberry - 21pouch - each 4 OZ9.7812.8725.7381.136000.059
Plum Organics Pear, Spinach & Pea - 21pouch - each 4 OZ8.7822.1425.181.42200.020.78
Plum Organics Super Smoothie - Apple Carrot Spinach with Beans & Oats1pouch - each 4 OZ6.6111.4933.6091.46100.0423.36
Plum Organics Super Smoothie - Pear Sweet Potato Spinach Blueberry with Beans & Oats1pouch - each 4 OZ6.2411.5212.830.98900.8844.407
Plum Organics Tots Mighty 4 - Apple, Blackberry, Purple Carrot, Greek Yogurt, Oat, Quinoa1pouch - each 4 OZ9.6631.7243.4391.8632.1960.0334.037
Plum Organics Tots Mighty 4 - Banana, Kiwi, Spinach, Kale, Greek Yogurt, Barley, Oat1pouch - each 4 OZ9.3912.8742.9940.882.2720.0643.395
Plum Organics Tots Mighty 4 - Cherry, Strawberry, Black Bean, Spinach, Oat1pouch - each 4 OZ9.9993.0364.7091.36700.0217.188
Plum Organics Tots Mighty 4 - Guava, Pomegranate, Black Bean, Carrot, Oat1pouch - each 4 OZ7.5992.6813.6021.27900.0186.958
Plum Organics Tots Mighty 4 - Strawberry, Banana, Kale, Greek Yogurt, Oat, Amaranth1pouch - each 4 OZ8.0842.2622.3570.9452.2720.0034.461
Plum Organics Tots Mighty Colors - Blueberry, Cherry, Purple Carrot & Barley1pouch - each 3.5 OZ7.3993.5153.260.44600.0382.879
Plum Organics Tots Mighty Colors - Kiwi, Pear, Spinach & Green Garbanzo Bean1pouch - each 3.5 OZ6.2762.0793.2820.6900.1241.962
Plum Organics Tots Mighty Colors - Peach, Papaya, Carrot & Oat1pouch - each 3.5 OZ6.3881.8651.5672.8800.0412.256
Plum Organics Tots Mighty Colors - Pineapple, Banana, Navy Bean, Yellow Bell Pepper & Oat1pouch - each 3.5 OZ6.9862.1322.2542.59400.0035.372
Plum Organics Tots Mighty Colors - Strawberry, Apple, Red Bell Pepper, Beet, Rhubarb & Amaranth1pouch - each 3.5 OZ7.2832.1253.7281.45900.0251.39
Plum Kids Organic Fruit & Veggie Shredz Rooty Blues1pack13.7843.3047.3381.95400.0250.003
Plum Kids Organic Fruit Shredz Berry 'Licious1pack13.7853.3337.3281.94500.0220.008
Plum Organics Tots Organic Teensy Fruits Soft Real Fruit Snacks - Berry1pouch8.081.9214.2781.15900.0120.003
Plum Organics Tots Organic Teensy Fruits Soft Real Fruit Snacks - Peach1pouch8.0341.8494.1231.35500.0160
Baby food, apples with pears and bananas1jar - each 4 OZ11.7593.2127.0791.400.0550.726
Baby food, apples and cherries1jar - each 4 OZ12.2154.5316.4640.84800.1020
Baby food, apricots with pears and apples1jar - each 4 OZ18.9994.8738.475.54900.0870
Baby food, apples and blueberries1jar - each 4 OZ9.9784.0455.4690.463000.011
Baby food, apples, strained (e.g. stage 1 or 2)1jar - each 4 OZ12.0012.9387.5151.44600.090
Baby food, apple dices (toddler)1container - each 4.5 OZ13.4145.0057.6670.742000
Baby food, apples and apricots1jar - each 4 OZ10.4523.2545.4131.77400.0110
Baby food, apples and bananas1jar - each 4 OZ12.843.5227.5071.7200.081.022
Baby food, apples and strawberries1jar - each 4 OZ12.4133.5467.3891.39400.0740
Baby food, bananas, junior (e.g. stage 3)1pouch - each 4.2 OZ14.6765.9765.822.86800.0126.456
Baby food, bananas, strained (e.g. stage 1 or 2)1jar - each 4 OZ18.9957.7297.5373.71800.0114.124
Baby food, bananas with pears and apples1jar - each 4 OZ12.8694.7255.9062.20900.0244.196
Baby food, mango1pack - each 4 OZ15.4362.2715.2887.876000
Baby food, pears1jar - each 4 OZ12.0013.1987.8990.87000
Baby food, peaches, strained (e.g. stage 1 or 2)1jar - each 4 OZ12.9954.6444.5313.819000
Baby food, peach dices (toddler)1container - each 4.5 OZ12.1474.1734.573.00800.3840
Baby food, prunes with pears1pouch - each 3.5 OZ11.0374.3196.1280.56700.0050.46
Baby food, pears and pineapple1pack - each 4 OZ9.7182.1476.7910.768000
Baby food, prunes1small pack - each 2.5 OZ11.8367.9023.870.0500.0210
Apple carrot juice, for baby4fluid ounce12.483.5696.091.797000
Apple juice, for baby4fluid ounce13.3543.6577.951.747000
Apple prune juice, for baby4fluid ounce12.9924.385.7912.833000.162
Grape juice, for baby4fluid ounce19.0949.169.8970.05000
Mixed fruit juice, for baby4fluid ounce12.9924.385.7912.833000.162
Orange juice, for baby4fluid ounce10.3082.5832.7714.98000
Pear juice, for baby4fluid ounce9.0852.4215.9780.661000
Agua fresca, banana, low sugar8fluid ounce16.4113.8863.7858.73200.0084.198
Agua fresca, banana8fluid ounce22.653.7813.68215.17900.0084.085
Agua fresca, cantaloupe, low sugar8fluid ounce12.9391.1791.43210.25200.0310.023
Agua fresca, cantaloupe8fluid ounce19.321.1471.39316.70600.030.022
Agua fresca, guava, low sugar8fluid ounce13.8282.2472.319.193000.125
Agua fresca, guava8fluid ounce20.1372.1872.24715.627000.121
Agua fresca, mango, low sugar8fluid ounce17.5271.5683.65212.306000.179
Agua fresca, mango8fluid ounce23.7361.5263.55318.656000.175
Agua fresca, orange, low sugar8fluid ounce14.1631.4671.58410.348000
Agua fresca, orange8fluid ounce20.4631.4271.54116.75000
Agua fresca, papaya, low sugar8fluid ounce12.973.1922.9116.867000
Agua fresca, papaya8fluid ounce19.3023.1052.83213.364000
Agua fresca, passion fruit, low sugar8fluid ounce15.6073.1212.4199.443000
Agua fresca, passion fruit8fluid ounce21.8683.0372.35415.87000
Agua fresca, peach, low sugar8fluid ounce13.4141.5221.19410.58200.0620
Agua fresca, peach8fluid ounce19.7341.4811.16216.97800.0610
Agua fresca, pineapple, low sugar8fluid ounce14.5541.351.65411.542000
Agua fresca, pineapple8fluid ounce20.8431.3141.6117.912000
Agua fresca, prickly pear, low sugar8fluid ounce7.2650.1640.1566.953000.445
Agua fresca, prickly pear8fluid ounce13.7510.1590.15213.448000.433
Agua fresca, strawberry, low sugar8fluid ounce10.6831.5531.9047.234000.031
Agua fresca, strawberry8fluid ounce17.0771.5111.85313.721000.03
Agua fresca, tamarind, low sugar8fluid ounce37.14421.1939.0836.867000
Agua fresca, tamarind8fluid ounce42.82320.6218.83813.364000
Agua fresca, watermelon, low sugar8fluid ounce11.7051.2332.6227.81200.0470
Agua fresca, watermelon8fluid ounce18.0721.22.55114.28300.0460
Agua de tamarindo8fluid ounce55.80115.5486.66433.589000
Acerola juice8fluid ounce10.8910.64800000
Apple drink, with other juice (e.g. cherry, raspberry)8fluid ounce20.1831.2892.80816.086000
Apple drink, light or low calorie8fluid ounce11.0423.0196.5771.446000
Apple drink8fluid ounce20.1831.2892.80816.086000
Apple juice or cider, frozen, not reconstituted, fortified with vitamin C2fluid ounce27.316.17513.8284.199000
Apple juice or cider, frozen, not reconstituted, not fortified2fluid ounce27.316.17513.8284.199000
Apple juice or cider, with other juice (e.g. grape)8fluid ounce28.39210.66115.8241.917000
Apple juice or cider, made from frozen, fortified with vitamin C8fluid ounce27.316.17513.8284.199000
Apple juice or cider, made from frozen, not fortified8fluid ounce27.316.17513.8284.199000
Apple juice or cider, fortified with vitamin C and calcium8fluid ounce23.8586.52214.213.125000
Apple juice or cider, fortified with vitamin C8fluid ounce23.8586.52214.213.125000
Apple juice or cider, not fortified8fluid ounce23.8586.52214.213.125000
Apple nectar8fluid ounce31.846.84210.46314.535000
Apricot nectar, fortified with vitamin C8fluid ounce31.71910.39111.13510.193000
Apricot nectar, not fortified8fluid ounce31.71910.39111.13510.193000
Banana nectar8fluid ounce32.514.00816.9010.8600.7291.937
Blackberry juice8fluid ounce19.0967.499.920.96701.2150
Black currant juice8fluid ounce32.7512.411.358.225000
Black cherry juice8fluid ounce35.517.02518.40.1000
Breakfast drink with high vitamin C, prepared from mix8fluid ounce22.1540.0224.10418.022000
Breakfast drink with high vitamin C, prepared from mix, sugar free8fluid ounce0.0650.0160.0120.02100.0160.133
Catawba juice8fluid ounce37.36616.77120.5620.044000
Cherry juice8fluid ounce30.52518.1512.3750000
Capri-Sun - all flavors8fluid ounce23.6810.0813.4960.104000
Capri-Sun 100% Juice - all flavors8fluid ounce25.59.74314.1491.617000
Capri-Sun Big Pouch - all flavors8fluid ounce23.3419.95913.3520.03000
Capri-Sun Roarin' Waters - all flavors8fluid ounce10.2144.3625.8520000
Capri-Sun Super V - all flavors8fluid ounce19.277.8219.2041.374000
G Zero Gatorade - all flavors8fluid ounce0000000
G2 Low Calorie Gatorade - prepared from dry mix, all flavors8fluid ounce4.79004.79000
G2 Lower Sugar Gatorade - all flavors8fluid ounce4.824004.824000
Gatorade - prepared from dry mix, all flavors8fluid ounce14.525.21109.31000
Gatorade - ready-to-drink, all flavors8fluid ounce13.5915.3444.4412.2450.4880.4880
Gatorade Fierce - all flavors8fluid ounce13.5915.3444.4412.2450.4880.4880
Gatorade Flow - all flavors8fluid ounce13.5915.3444.4412.2450.4880.4880
Gatorade Frost - prepared from dry mix, all flavors8fluid ounce14.525.21109.31000
Gatorade Frost - ready-to-drink, all flavors8fluid ounce13.5915.3444.4412.2450.4880.4880
Gatorade Organic - all flavors8fluid ounce13.5915.3444.4412.2450.4880.4880
Gatorade Prime Sports Fuel Drink - all flavors8fluid ounce44.4785.391038.92200.1655.29
Bolt24 Antioxidant - all flavors8fluid ounce9.444009.444000
Bolt24 Energize - all flavors8fluid ounce9.444009.444000
Juicy Juice - all flavors8fluid ounce25.1457.69714.6682.782000
Juicy Juice Fruitfuls Organics - all flavors8fluid ounce14.1263.8628.4141.85000
Juicy Juice Splashers Organic - all flavors8fluid ounce10.1872.7786.1351.272000
Hawaiian Punch - all flavors8fluid ounce14.185.9888.0190.173000
Hawaiian Punch Light - all flavors8fluid ounce1.6690.5310.9110.227000
Hi-C - all flavors8fluid ounce13.7885.5347.9520.302000
Honest Kids Organic Juice Drink - all flavors8fluid ounce10.092.7596.011.322000
Mondo Squeezers - all flavors8fluid ounce0000000
Wyler's - prepared from dry mix, all flavors8fluid ounce24.950024.95000.046
Wyler's Light - prepared from dry mix, all flavors8fluid ounce0.0040.0010000.0030.084
Country Time - prepared from dry mix, all flavors8fluid ounce16.5160.3843.86412.267000.007
Country Time - ready-to-drink, all flavors8fluid ounce24.6110.5735.75818.281000.01
Country Time Zero Sugar - prepared from dry mix, all flavors8fluid ounce0.0040.0010000.0030.086
Crystal Light - prepared from dry mix, all flavors8fluid ounce0.0020.0010000.0020.059
Kool-Aid - prepared from dry mix, all flavors8fluid ounce16.18406.4779.707000
Kool-Aid - ready-to-drink, all flavors8fluid ounce24.06713.42710.640000
Kool-Aid Bursts - all flavors8fluid ounce5.9263.3062.620000
Kool-Aid Jammers - all flavors8fluid ounce10.1085.6394.4690000
Kool-Aid Jammers Zero Sugar - all flavors8fluid ounce0000000
Kool-Aid Singles - prepared from dry mix, all flavors8fluid ounce6.61902.3674.252000
Kool-Aid Zero Sugar - prepared from dry mix, all flavors8fluid ounce0.00100000.0010.036
Tang - sugar free, all flavors8fluid ounce0.0650.0160.0120.02100.0160.133
Tang - sweetened, all flavors8fluid ounce22.1540.0224.10418.022000
Minute Maid Fruit & Veggie Juice Drink - all flavors8fluid ounce19.3888.5439.361.482000.031
Minute Maid Light 15 Calories Juice Drink - all flavors8fluid ounce2.6280.9091.4820.237000
Minute Maid Orangeade Juice Drink8fluid ounce28.77515.41912.3630.994000
Minute Maid Punch - all flavors8fluid ounce23.40612.73210.450.226000
Northland Cranberry Juice - all flavors8fluid ounce20.4827.58710.5982.296000
Ocean Spray 100% Juice No Sugar Added - cranberry flavors8fluid ounce23.16310.41411.5481.21000
Ocean Spray 100% Juice No Sugar Added Ruby Red Grapefruit8fluid ounce24.0859.70911.432.953000
Ocean Spray Cran-Apple Juice Drink8fluid ounce30.9931.3971.59328.028003.308
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail8fluid ounce24.99614.29510.474000.2530
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail with Calcium8fluid ounce24.99614.29510.474000.2530
Ocean Spray Cran-Blackberry Juice Drink8fluid ounce30.9931.3971.59328.028003.308
Ocean Spray Cran-Cherry Juice Drink8fluid ounce30.9931.3971.59328.028003.308
Ocean Spray Cran-Energy Juice Drink - all flavors8fluid ounce6.623.5563.010.058000
Ocean Spray Cran-Grape Juice Drink8fluid ounce30.9931.3971.59328.028003.308
Ocean Spray Cran-Mango Juice Drink8fluid ounce30.9931.3971.59328.028003.308
Ocean Spray Cran-Pineapple Juice Drink8fluid ounce30.9931.3971.59328.028003.308
Ocean Spray Cran-Pomegranate Juice Drink8fluid ounce30.9931.3971.59328.028003.308
Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry Juice Drink8fluid ounce30.9931.3971.59328.028003.308
Ocean Spray Cran-Strawberry Juice Drink8fluid ounce30.9931.3971.59328.028003.308
Ocean Spray Cran-Tangerine Juice Drink8fluid ounce30.9931.3971.59328.028003.308
Ocean Spray Diet 5 Calories Juice Drink - all flavors8fluid ounce0.7480.6030.1180.027000
Ocean Spray Light 50 Calories Juice Drink - Cranberry8fluid ounce10.8784.8825.4270.569000
Ocean Spray Light 50 Calories Juice Drink - other flavors8fluid ounce10.3834.5715.1530.663000
Ocean Spray Light 50 Calories Juice Drink - Ruby Red Grapefruit8fluid ounce11.7465.1243.6582.96000
Ocean Spray Mocktails - all flavors8fluid ounce19.2186.7765.5446.905000
Ocean Spray Pure Cranberry Juice (unsweetened)8fluid ounce9.0077.2611.4170.329000
Ocean Spray Ruby Cranberry Juice Drink8fluid ounce25.7823.3232.20320.25100.0040
Ocean Spray Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice Drink8fluid ounce27.7113.1152.04922.542000
Powerade - all flavors8fluid ounce13.3337.4385.8950000
Powerade Zero - all flavors8fluid ounce0000000
SunnyD - all other flavors8fluid ounce6.4043.520.2790.50102.1050
SunnyD - Smooth8fluid ounce6.2043.3980.2790.50102.0270
SunnyD - Tangy Original8fluid ounce6.0033.2760.2790.50101.9480
Snapple Fruit Drink - all flavors8fluid ounce23.2941.2921.84420.16000
Snapple Fruit Drink - diet, all flavors8fluid ounce2.3791.1411.2330.007000
Tampico - all flavors8fluid ounce126.6955.3050001
Tropicana Kids - all flavors8fluid ounce11.8924.5276.5920.776000
Tropicana Trop50 Lemonade8fluid ounce11.7070.1260.10511.477000
Tropicana Trop50 Orange Juice Beverage8fluid ounce9.3572.3422.5114.515000
Tropicana Trop50 Orange Juice Beverage with Calcium and Vitamin D8fluid ounce9.3572.3422.5114.515000
Tropicana Twister - all flavors8fluid ounce26.8811.83815.0280.019000
Tropicana Twister Light - all flavors8fluid ounce1.5570.7250.5940.239000
V8 Carrot Mango8fluid ounce11.381.8323.5395.949000.159
V8 Golden Goodness8fluid ounce9.7412.4112.5614.70900.0620.141
V8 Healthy Greens8fluid ounce11.6953.1896.881.621000
V8 Purple Power8fluid ounce9.1871.4732.84.421000.265
V8 Splash - all flavors8fluid ounce16.926.8959.6730.347000
V8 Splash Diet - all flavors8fluid ounce1.930.5231.1050.299000
V8 Splash Smoothies - all flavors8fluid ounce16.7676.7979.660.31000.088
V8 V-Fusion - all flavors8fluid ounce16.5457.9638.3370.17300.0740.167
V8 V-Fusion 100% Juice - all flavors8fluid ounce23.9019.69812.5631.61800.0310.071
V8 V-Fusion Light - all flavors8fluid ounce10.5484.0845.70.70200.0620.141
V8 V-Fusion Refreshers - all flavors8fluid ounce23.5911.2832.68919.54700.0620.141
Welch's Juice Cocktail - all flavors8fluid ounce33.91210.95212.76210.208000
Welch's Juice Cocktail 100% Vitamin C - all flavors8fluid ounce22.4469.0611.991.4000
Welch's Juice Cocktail from concentrate - all flavors8fluid ounce30.9387.1579.48413.495000
Welch's Juice Drink - all flavors8fluid ounce26.46511.58914.8650.015000
Welch's Light 45 Calories Juice Drink - all flavors8fluid ounce10.5795.0735.4830.03000
Welch's Refreshingly Simple Juice Cocktail - all flavors8fluid ounce23.3747.7638.397.231000
Cranberry juice cocktail, with other juice (e.g. apple, grape, or raspberry), diet8fluid ounce0.7480.6030.1180.027000
Cranberry juice cocktail, with other juice (e.g. apple, grape, or raspberry), light or low calorie8fluid ounce10.3834.5715.1530.663000
Cranberry juice cocktail, with other juice (e.g. apple, grape, or raspberry)8fluid ounce30.9931.3971.59328.028003.308
Cranberry juice cocktail, frozen, not reconstituted2fluid ounce30.7718.3114.6180001.021
Cranberry juice cocktail, made from frozen8fluid ounce30.7718.3114.6180001.021
Cranberry juice cocktail, diet8fluid ounce0.7480.6030.1180.027000
Cranberry juice cocktail, light or low calorie8fluid ounce10.8784.8825.4270.569000
Cranberry juice cocktail8fluid ounce24.99614.29510.474000.2530
Cranberry juice, with other juice (e.g. cherry, grape)8fluid ounce23.16310.41411.5481.21000
Cranberry juice8fluid ounce9.0077.2611.4170.329000
Breakfast drink with high vitamin C, dry mix (unprepared)5teaspoon21.5390.0213.9917.521000
Breakfast drink with high vitamin C, dry mix (unprepared), sugar free0.2package - each 1 tub0.0660.0170.0120.02200.0160.135
Fruit drink or punch, dry mix (unprepared), unsweetened0.1packet0000000.037
Fruit drink or punch, dry mix (unprepared), sweetened with artificial sweetener0.125package0.00100000.0010.036
Fruit drink or punch, dry mix (unprepared), sweetened with sugar0.125cap - makes 2 quarts16.18406.4779.707000
Lemonade, dry mix (unprepared)2tablespoon28.1740.6556.59220.926000.012
Sports drink, dry mix (unprepared), low calorie0.4packet - makes 20 FO4.79004.79000
Sports drink, dry mix (unprepared)0.25scoop - makes 32 FO14.525.2109.31000
Fruit drink or punch, frozen, not reconstituted2fluid ounce28.9210.9199.568.448000
Fruit punch, homemade, with ice cream or sherbet8fluid ounce30.739.1788.8219.8691.3440.330
Fruit drink or punch, prepared from unsweetened mix, prepared with sugar8fluid ounce24.950024.95000.046
Fruit drink or punch, prepared from mix, sweetened with artificial sweetener8fluid ounce0.00100000.0010.036
Fruit drink or punch, prepared from mix, sweetened with sugar8fluid ounce16.18406.4779.707000
Fruit punch, homemade8fluid ounce22.9579.4949.24.202000
Fruit drink or punch, made from frozen8fluid ounce28.9210.9199.568.448000
Fruit drink or punch, light or low calorie8fluid ounce1.6690.5310.9110.227000
Fruit drink or punch, fortified with vitamin C8fluid ounce27.9998.4329.1769.176000
Fruit drink or punch, not fortified8fluid ounce23.40612.73210.450.226000
Sports drink, prepared from mix, low calorie8fluid ounce4.79004.79000
Sports drink, prepared from mix8fluid ounce14.525.21109.31000
Sports drink8fluid ounce13.5915.3444.4412.2450.4880.4880
Sports drink, sugar free8fluid ounce0000000
Grape drink, light or low calorie8fluid ounce10.5795.0735.4830.03000
Grape drink8fluid ounce34.9938.9787.56418.451000
Grape juice, frozen, not reconstituted, unsweetened2fluid ounce36.49417.50218.9150.103000
Grape juice, frozen, not reconstituted, sweetened (juice cocktail)2fluid ounce30.19110.97513.2026.022000
Grape juice, made from frozen, unsweetened8fluid ounce36.49417.50218.9150.103000
Grape juice, made from frozen, sweetened (juice cocktail)8fluid ounce30.19110.97513.2026.022000
Grape juice, fortified with vitamin C and calcium8fluid ounce35.92617.22918.6210.101000
Grape juice, fortified with vitamin C8fluid ounce35.92617.22918.6210.101000
Grape juice, not fortified8fluid ounce35.92617.22918.6210.101000
Grapefruit drink8fluid ounce27.7113.1152.04922.542000
Grapefruit juice, fresh, pink or ruby red8fluid ounce15.5616.6694.4464.446000
Grapefruit juice, fresh, white8fluid ounce18.9947.6578.0033.1860.0490.0490
Grapefruit juice, frozen, not reconstituted2fluid ounce23.5710.1776.6936.693000
Grapefruit orange juice8fluid ounce19.766.3976.7556.5460.0250.0250
Grapefruit juice, made from frozen8fluid ounce23.5710.1786.6936.693000
Grapefruit juice, pink or ruby red8fluid ounce15.5616.6694.4464.446000
Grapefruit juice, white8fluid ounce18.9947.6578.0033.1860.0490.0490
Guava nectar8fluid ounce32.50414.18214.4580.17603.690
Guanabana nectar8fluid ounce32.80615.98914.909001.9080
Kiwi juice8fluid ounce125.5255.8250.200.250
Lemonade, frozen, not reconstituted2fluid ounce32.45611.89913.1337.08100.3360
Lemonade, homemade8fluid ounce26.4870.6040.67125.212000
Lemonade, prepared from mix, sweetened with artificial sweetener8fluid ounce0.0020.0010000.0020.059
Lemonade, prepared from mix, sweetened with sugar8fluid ounce16.5160.3843.86412.267000.007
Lemonade, made from frozen8fluid ounce24.3438.9259.855.31100.2520
Lemonade, light or low calorie8fluid ounce2.6280.9091.4820.237000
Lemonade8fluid ounce28.94214.48311.0113.472000
Lemon juice, canned, bottled or boxed1teaspoon0.0780.0430.0360000
Lemon juice, fresh1teaspoon0.1280.050.0560.022000
Lemon juice, frozen1teaspoon0.1220.0490.0440.029000
Limeade, frozen, not reconstituted2fluid ounce32.36711.86613.0977.06200.3350
Limeade, homemade8fluid ounce38.4470.3630.36937.715000
Limeade, made from frozen8fluid ounce24.2778.99.8235.29700.2510
Limeade8fluid ounce29.2760.6090.51128.156000
Lime juice, canned, bottled or boxed1teaspoon0.1410.070.0580.013000
Lime juice, fresh1teaspoon0.0850.030.0310.024000
Mango juice8fluid ounce16.42.4255.6258.375000
Mango nectar8fluid ounce31.24913.32813.9562.5601.4060
Orange peach mango juice8fluid ounce24.2298.48410.6535.09200.0080.023
Orange strawberry banana juice8fluid ounce21.8796.1956.6179.09100.0010.54
Mixed fruit juice, citrus blend8fluid ounce22.688.3457.496.87000
Mixed fruit juice, non-citrus blend8fluid ounce28.40110.66915.8271.915000
Pineapple orange banana juice8fluid ounce23.2028.7327.8396.65400.0010.717
Orange juice beverage, light or low calorie, fortified with calcium and vitamin D8fluid ounce9.3572.3422.5114.515000
Orange juice beverage, light or low calorie8fluid ounce9.3572.3422.5114.515000
Orange juice beverage8fluid ounce28.77515.41912.3630.994000
Orange juice, fortified with calcium and vitamins A, E and D8fluid ounce20.6925.1795.5539.985000
Orange banana juice8fluid ounce20.7035.4315.769.53400.0010.699
Orange juice, fortified with calcium and vitamin D8fluid ounce20.6925.1795.5539.985000
Orange juice, made from frozen, fortified with calcium8fluid ounce19.444.314.94510.185000
Orange juice, fortified with calcium8fluid ounce20.6925.1795.5539.985000
Orange juice, fortified with vitamins C and E8fluid ounce20.6925.1795.5539.985000
Orange juice, fresh8fluid ounce20.8325.1585.539.945000
Orange juice, frozen, not reconstituted, fortified with calcium2fluid ounce19.444.314.94510.185000
Orange juice, frozen, not reconstituted, not fortified2fluid ounce19.444.314.94510.185000
Orange juice, with omega 3 fatty acids8fluid ounce20.6925.1795.5539.985000
Orange juice, reduced acid8fluid ounce19.444.314.94510.185000
Orange juice, made from frozen, not fortified8fluid ounce19.444.314.94510.185000
Orange juice, not fortified8fluid ounce20.6925.1795.5539.985000
Orange juice, with plant sterols8fluid ounce20.6925.1795.5539.985000
Papaya juice8fluid ounce7.233.7813.4480000
Papaya nectar8fluid ounce34.77515.515.0250.025000
Passion fruit drink or cocktail8fluid ounce33.91210.95212.76210.208000
Passion fruit juice, purple8fluid ounce33.09813.36311.0418.719000
Passion fruit juice, yellow8fluid ounce35.19814.20311.7339.263000
Passion fruit nectar8fluid ounce42.9935.3674.43433.202000
Peach nectar, fortified with vitamin C8fluid ounce27.67712.9713.3421.364000
Peach nectar, not fortified8fluid ounce27.67712.9713.3421.364000
Pear juice8fluid ounce18.24.8511.9751.325000
Pear nectar, fortified with vitamin C8fluid ounce37.918.8518.450.575000
Pear nectar, not fortified8fluid ounce37.918.8518.450.575000
Pineapple grapefruit drink8fluid ounce27.9998.4329.1769.176000
Pineapple orange drink8fluid ounce27.9998.4329.1769.176000
Pineapple grapefruit juice8fluid ounce21.9119.618.7423.4970.0250.0250
Pineapple mango juice8fluid ounce27.14411.56910.235.369000.057
Pineapple orange juice, frozen, not reconstituted2fluid ounce28.1959.54410.5185.883000
Pineapple orange juice, made from frozen8fluid ounce28.1959.54410.5185.883000
Pineapple orange juice8fluid ounce22.688.3457.496.87000
Pineapple juice, frozen, not reconstituted2fluid ounce31.39211.18211.6215.998000
Pineapple juice, made from frozen8fluid ounce31.39211.18211.6215.998000
Pineapple juice8fluid ounce24.9511.6259.5253.825000
Pineapple nectar8fluid ounce21.2386.6926.5398.017000
Pomegranate juice8fluid ounce31.77715.77516.0010000
Prune juice8fluid ounce42.11214.0820.2240.512000
Raspberry juice8fluid ounce23.0886.31213.7523.024000
Spirulina juice8fluid ounce27.9928.48716.2553.238000
Strawberry juice8fluid ounce18.487.2489.60.93601.1760
Strawberry banana nectar8fluid ounce29.16712.4214.971.35500.4262.567
Strawberry nectar8fluid ounce28.33312.39514.2880.39201.2660.033
Tamarind nectar8fluid ounce31.87714.85915.2360.32601.4310
Vegetable and fruit combination drink, diet8fluid ounce1.930.5231.1050.299000
Vegetable and fruit combination drink, light or low calorie8fluid ounce10.5484.0845.70.70200.0620.141
Vegetable and fruit combination drink8fluid ounce16.926.8959.6730.347000
Vegetable and fruit combination juice8fluid ounce23.9019.69812.5631.61800.0310.071
Watermelon juice8fluid ounce14.883.7928.0642.90400.1440
Caramel covered apple0.5medium - 3" diameter31.1198.0325.9917.9794.7734.2370.046
Caramel covered apple with nuts0.5medium - 3" diameter31.2468.0365.9958.0984.7734.2370.048
Cranberry orange relish4tablespoon29.4181.3820.55727.43800.0410
Gelatin (jello), with cranberries, pineapple and nuts0.5cup21.8712.1071.21118.641000.004
Arby's apple juice8fluid ounce10.092.7596.011.322000
Arby's orange juice8fluid ounce20.6925.1795.5539.985000
Arby's applesauce1pouch8.5182.0875.3341.02500.0640
Burger King orange juice8fluid ounce20.6925.1795.5539.985000
Burger King applesauce1container10.4232.5536.5271.25400.0780
Chick-fil-A cinnamon applesauce1pouch13.3084.996.5950.90700.8070
Chick-fil-A fruit cup1medium10.4893.7134.661.733000.027
Dairy Queen Orange Julius Original1cup25.9210.0448.9936.883000
Dairy Queen Orange Julius smoothie, light1cup14.2134.5864.4175.21000
Jack In The Box orange juice8fluid ounce20.6925.1795.5539.985000
Jack In The Box apple bites with caramel dip1order11.2193.7344.9041.9830.1740.431.383
McDonald's apple juice8fluid ounce10.092.7596.011.322000
McDonald's orange juice8fluid ounce20.6925.1795.5539.985000
McDonald's orange drink8fluid ounce27.9998.4329.1769.176000
McDonald's apple slices1package3.4341.1052.050.279000
Subway apple slices1package7.3771.7254.1891.47000.036
Wendy's apple slices1order7.0651.6524.0121.408000.034
Acai berry1cup0.3680.230.1150.02300.0232.369
Acerola, fresh1cup0000
Ackee, fresh1cup0.6270.1710.1710.133000.228
Blackberries, Alaska Native1cup5.7312.6533.0620.016000
Blueberries, wild, fresh, Alaska Native1cup9.5614.5884.9580.015000
Blueberries, wild, frozen, Alaska Native1cup10.3685.0755.1760.116000.044
Cloudberry (baked apple berry or yellowberry), Alaska Native1cup10.954.625.8350.495000
Highbush cranberries, Alaska Native1cup4.1713.3630.6560.152000
Huckleberries, Alaska Native1cup5.9252.912.9550.06000.015
Lowbush cranberries (lingonberries), Alaska Native1cup6.5255.251.020.24000
Salmonberries, Alaska Native1cup5.3072.7552.5380.029000
Apple, baked or scalloped, without skin, unsweetened0.5cup8.782.1515.4981.05700.0650
Apple, baked or scalloped, without skin, sweetened0.5cup13.9365.2256.9060.9500.8460
Apple, baked or scalloped, with skin, unsweetened0.5cup10.4442.7126.4521.244000
Apple, baked or scalloped, with skin, sweetened0.5cup17.7562.5655.9859.205000
Apple, canned, unsweetened0.5cup8.0281.9675.0270.96600.060
Apple, canned, sweetened (drained)0.5cup14.9635.617.4151.0200.9080
Apple, chips1cup11.9653.1154.6732.66501.3860.068
Apple, dried, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup16.9832.559.3975.903000.14
Apple, dried, cooked, sweetened0.5cup26.6572.5769.49315.464000.142
Apple, dried, uncooked0.25cup12.2961.7596.4873.868000.099
Apple, fried1cup18.4024.77211.3552.1890.02100
Apple, fresh, without skin1medium - 3" diameter before peeling16.2615.2339.7081.32000
Apple, fresh, with skin1medium - 3" diameter18.914.42310.7383.767000.091
Applesauce, canned, unsweetened0.5cup11.4562.8067.1741.37900.0850
Applesauce, canned, sweetened0.5cup18.0446.7658.9421.2301.0950
Applesauce, homemade, unsweetened0.5cup11.4562.8067.1741.37900.0850
Applesauce, homemade, sweetened0.5cup18.0446.7658.9421.2301.0950
Apple, spiced or pickled0.25cup8.2521.4712.2634.1100.3960
Apricot, home canned0.5cup25.50310.6689.2365.599000
Apricot, canned in juice0.5cup13.1034.6856.3932.074000
Apricot, canned in heavy syrup, drained0.5cup20.4226.3295.1364.906000
Apricot, canned in heavy syrup, not drained0.5cup25.50310.6689.2365.599000
Apricot, canned, in light syrup0.5cup18.8360.8730.3817.07700.5440
Apricot, canned in water0.5cup5.821.1180.4863.63300.6930
Apricot, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup5.821.1180.4863.63300.6930
Apricot, cooked, sweetened0.5cup25.50310.6689.2365.599000
Apricot, dried, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup24.46312.0886.0386.125000
Apricot, dried, cooked, sweetened0.5cup33.96611.1515.57617.037000
Apricot, dried, uncooked0.25cup17.36810.7514.0532.564000.114
Apricot, fresh1cup14.3223.6741.4579.09900.0930
Apricot, frozen, sweetened0.5cup26.5212.4660.97823.01400.0620
Avocado, black skin (Hass)0.5each0.2040.0540.0540.041000.075
Avocado, green skin0.25each1.8391.6490.190000
Banana, chips0.5cup12.7220.0580.17311.8690010.296
Banana, dried flakes0.5cup23.659.389.1354.50500.0210.135
Banana, fried1medium - 7" to 7 7/8" long14.4315.8765.7232.8200.0126.348
Banana, fresh1medium - 7" to 7 7/8" long14.4315.8765.7232.8200.0126.348
Blackberries, canned0.5cup25.2162.5092.61119.26400.0770
Blackberries, cooked0.5cup25.2162.5092.61119.26400.0770
Blackberries, fresh1cup7.0273.3263.4560.10100.1010
Blackberries, frozen, unsweetened1cup16.1127.6417.9280.22700.2270
Blackberries, frozen, sweetened1cup29.3186.5516.79715.69900.1940
Blueberries, home canned0.5cup26.1893.843.90418.445000
Blueberries, canned in heavy syrup0.5cup26.1893.843.90418.445000
Blueberries, canned in light syrup, drained0.5cup21.28910.51610.2850.5000.037
Blueberries, canned in water0.5cup8.1413.9894.0620.09000.025
Blueberries, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup8.1413.9894.0620.09000.025
Blueberries, cooked, sweetened0.5cup26.1893.843.90418.445000
Dried blueberries, sweetened0.25cup23.34411.70411.0960.544000
Blueberries, fresh1cup14.7417.2227.3560.163000.044
Blueberries, frozen, unsweetened0.5cup9.7174.7154.7960.104000.035
Blueberries, frozen, sweetened0.5cup22.6784.1984.27812.731000.035
Blueberries, wild, canned, heavy syrup, drained0.5cup30.75216.15714.3870.01600.1910.032
Blueberries, wild, frozen1cup11.835.745.8380.126000.042
Boysenberries, canned0.5cup21.1071.8181.81817.43400.0260
Boysenberries, cooked0.5cup21.1071.8181.81817.43400.0260
Boysenberries, fresh1cup7.0273.3263.4560.10100.1010
Boysenberries, frozen, unsweetened1cup9.0954.3434.3430.3300.0530
Brandied fruit0.25cup11.1041.864.1544.6501.0540
Breadfruit (panapen), fresh1cup3.3350.690.691.9550023.115
Cantaloupe, fresh1cup12.5762.4642.9926.9600.0640.048
Cantaloupe, frozen, balls1cup13.5982.6643.2357.52500.0690.052
Carambola (starfruit), cooked, sweetened0.5cup14.6031.6381.40911.345000.092
Carambola (starfruit), fresh1cup4.2981.9331.6630.454000.108
Carissa (natal plum), fresh1cup12.7354.7554.4253.54000.885
Casaba melon1cup9.5713.6894.3861.496000
Cherimoya (anona, chirimoya or cherimolla), fresh1cup20.5929.48810.0481.056000
Sour cherries, canned in heavy syrup0.5cup28.37813.3512.7490.717000
Sour cherries, canned in light syrup0.5cup21.00410.4459.8530.706000
Cherries, canned, sour, water pack, drained0.5cup5.8723.522.3440.008000
Sour cherries, canned in water (not drained)0.5cup9.2724.7583.2941.22000
Sweet cherries, home canned0.5cup20.46810.0316.5652.78301.1010
Sweet cherries, canned in juice0.5cup15.3886.6377.20.97500.10
Sweet cherries, canned in heavy syrup, drained0.5cup14.4816.1935.4334.65400.3220
Sweet cherries, canned in heavy syrup, not drained0.5cup20.46810.0316.5652.78301.1010
Sweet cherries, canned in light syrup0.5cup19.89512.07111.0880.12600.1010
Sweet cherries, canned in water0.5cup12.7226.5355.3320.14900.1240
Sour cherries, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup9.2724.7583.2941.22000
Sour cherries, cooked, sweetened0.5cup28.37813.3512.7490.717000
Sweet cherries, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup12.7226.5355.3320.14900.1240
Sweet cherries, cooked, sweetened0.5cup20.46810.0316.5652.78301.1010
Dried cherries, sweetened0.25cup28.5164.7844.01619.708000
Sour cherries, fresh1cup13.166.4795.441.24000
Sweet cherries, fresh1cup19.74310.1498.270.23100.1850
Sour cherries, frozen, unsweetened1cup13.9815.9685.0071.147000
Sweet cherries, frozen, unsweetened1cup17.9489.2267.5180.2100.1680
Sweet cherries, frozen, sweetened1cup52.47315.69512.79521.05700.2850
Maraschino cherries1each1.9390.0650.051.76700.0010
Chokecherry, fresh1cup14.437.6236.6990.108001.34
Clementine, fresh1each6.7931.1771.2144.41000
Candied fruit0.25cup34.2893.9481.13526.64802.5630
Fruit cocktail, canned in juice0.5cup12.8695.7246.2570.853000
Fruit cocktail, canned in heavy syrup, drained0.5cup18.341.7016.4959.70502.2040
Fruit cocktail, canned in heavy syrup, not drained0.5cup22.2083.728.3089.302.1080
Fruit cocktail, canned in light syrup0.5cup16.8552.9656.2076.52201.5610
Fruit cocktail, canned in water0.5cup8.8991.8493.0812.35800.7470
Fruit cocktail, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup8.8991.8493.0812.35800.7470
Fruit cocktail, cooked, sweetened0.5cup22.2083.728.3089.302.1080
Fruit cocktail, fresh1cup15.4674.9486.953.21800.0350.023
Fruit cocktail, frozen1cup12.2222.3733.4686.22800.1290.078
Crabapple, fresh1cup11.442.6736.492.277000.055
Cranberries, canned, jellied4tablespoon21.98712.0846.7520.06903.0820
Cranberries, canned, whole berries4tablespoon21.67511.8426.7170.06903.0470
Cranberries, cooked, sweetened4tablespoon21.67511.8426.7170.06903.0470
Cranberries, dried (Craisins)0.25cup29.02411.87610.7846.3320.03200
Cranberries, fresh0.5cup2.1351.720.3350.08000
Crenshaw melon1cup13.8044.5565.0324.216000
Currants, dried0.25cup22.42110.72111.70000
Currants, fresh, black1cup7.473.273.5840.616000
Currants, fresh, red and white1cup8.2543.6063.9540.683000
Dates, dried0.25cup23.2817.3027.1888.76100.0440
Dates, fresh1cup51.64526.7324.9150000
Dried fruit mixture (raisins, cranberries, apricots, and mango)0.25cup26.93611.10910.9494.8690.0101.956
Dried fruit, unknown type0.25cup26.93611.10910.9494.8690.0101.956
Elderberries, canned0.5cup28.6462.9053.84221.9000
Elderberries, cooked0.5cup28.6462.9053.84221.9000
Elderberries, fresh1cup11.0644.4955.9450.624000
Feijoa, fresh1cup16.814.7566.0476.007000
Figs, home canned0.5cup26.80611.00810.4250.259000
Figs, canned in heavy syrup0.5cup26.80611.00810.4250.259000
Figs, canned in light syrup0.5cup20.3493.3772.55814.414000
Figs, canned in water0.5cup14.627.8995.9770.856000
Figs, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup14.627.8995.9770.856000
Figs, cooked, sweetened0.5cup26.80611.00810.4250.259000
Figs, dried, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup30.23813.85612.8210.039002.836
Figs, dried, cooked, sweetened0.5cup38.55513.85712.8218.356002.836
Figs, dried, uncooked0.25cup17.859.2348.5410.026001.889
Figs, fresh1cup29.26815.71411.8981.692000
Fenip (quenepa or mamoncillo), fresh1cup14.8585.5475.1634.13001.033
Gooseberries, canned0.5cup19.1659.6779.2990.189000
Gooseberries, cooked0.5cup19.1659.6779.2990.189000
Gooseberries, fresh1cup8.
Grapefruit, canned in juice0.5cup10.9565.4035.1050.423000
Grapefruit, canned in syrup0.5cup19.1018.5098.7632.413000
Grapefruit, canned in water0.5cup10.6752.9653.0994.42900.2070
Grapefruit, fresh, pink or red0.5medium - 4" diameter8.8192.0612.2664.493000
Grapefruit, fresh, white0.5medium - 4" diameter7.3342.0352.1253.03400.1410
Grapefruit, frozen, unsweetened1cup21.355.9296.1988.85700.4150
Grapefruit, frozen, sweetened1cup38.20217.01817.5264.826000
Grapes, home canned0.5cup24.3846.1446.9389.818000
Grapes, canned, syrup pack0.5cup24.3846.1446.9389.818000
Grapes, canned, water pack0.5cup11.8835.0235.6720.098000
Grapes, cooked from fresh, unsweetened0.5cup11.8835.0235.6720.098000
Grapes, cooked from fresh, sweetened0.5cup24.3846.1446.9389.818000
Grapes, fresh1cup23.37510.87212.2760.227000
Guava (guayaba), fresh, common1cup14.7184.7524.8844.917000.264
Guava (guayaba), paste2tablespoon28.650.2210.22728.212000.012
Guava (guayaba), sauce5tablespoon4.3731.3691.4061.659000.074
Honeydew melon, fresh1cup13.8044.5565.0324.216000
Honeydew melon, frozen, balls1cup14.3724.7445.2394.39000
Horned melon (kiwano)1cup15.6813.0763.7288.66800.070
Jackfruit, canned in syrup0.5cup18.8324.7444.6019.487000.739
Jackfruit, fresh1cup31.48215.64215.1640.693002.426
Java plum (jambolan), fresh1cup11.4484.283.9833.186007.965
Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry), SunGold1each9.9634.2774.6980.988000.097
Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry), green1each - 2" diameter6.2032.8363.0010.10400.1310
Kumquat, fresh1each1.7780.50.5950.657000
Lemon, fresh1medium - 2 1/8" diameter1.450.580.5220.348000
Lime, fresh1each - 2" diameter1.1320.4220.4220.134000
Lingonberries, cooked0.5cup43.35123.68413.4350.13906.0940
Loganberries, fresh1cup4.9982.7931.9110.294000
Loganberries, frozen1cup4.9982.7931.9110.294000
Longans, dried40gram27.312.74813.281.272000.172
Longans, fresh140gram14.2249.1144.20.91000.126
Loquat (nispero), fresh1cup15.4666.667.4051.401000
Lychees (litchis), fresh1cup28.93714.17414.7631.33000
lycium (wolf or goji berries)1cup12.2186.3355.430.453000
Mammy apple, fresh140gram11.8724.4384.133.304000
Mangosteen, canned, syrup pack0.5cup17.5520.8920.90215.915000
Mangosteen, fresh1each3.280.2520.2542.818000
Mandarin orange, canned in juice, drained0.5cup7.7963.0243.3451.72000
Mandarin orange, canned in juice, not drained0.5cup11.0434.0214.4452.453000
Mandarin orange, canned in syrup0.5cup19.5177.1826.4264.284000
Mandarin orange, fresh1cup20.6314.1534.6811.798000
Mandarin orange, frozen, unsweetened1cup26.3445.3045.97615.065000
Mandarin orange, frozen, sweetened1cup39.03514.36412.8528.568000
Mango, canned0.5cup19.0441.8844.38712.772000.216
Mango, cooked0.5cup11.2691.6583.8615.75000
Mango, dried, unsweetened0.25cup29.0924.289.96814.844000.26
Mango, dried, sweetened0.25cup30.5511.2062.80826.537000.138
Mango, fresh0.5each22.9493.3777.86211.71000.386
Mango, frozen0.5cup10.2451.5073.515.228000.173
Melon, balls, frozen1cup12.5083.0974.2045.10400.0520.017
Nance, canned in syrup0.5cup14.0166.6327.3210.063000.116
Nance, frozen, unsweetened1cup9.3074.015.2980001.299
Naranjilla (lulo) pulp, frozen, unsweetened1cup4.4881.1881.2482.064001.272
Nectarine, fresh1medium - 2 1/2" diameter11.092.2291.9456.915000.099
Orange, fresh1medium - 2 5/8" diameter12.2492.4632.6595.843000
Papaya, canned in heavy syrup, drained0.5cup47.7636.4426.20435.109000
Papaya, fresh1cup11.3395.935.4090000
Passion fruit (maracuya), fresh1each2.0160.720.5580.594000
Peach, home canned0.5cup24.4188.457.6644.12701.8340
Peach, canned in juice0.5cup12.7353.154.8614.489000
Peach, canned in extra light syrup0.5cup11.8813.6433.4213.84100.9760
Peach, canned in heavy syrup, drained0.5cup16.2736.463.834.38501.5982.853
Peach, canned, in heavy syrup, not drained0.5cup24.4188.457.6644.12701.8340
Peach, canned, in light syrup0.5cup16.6295.2334.8323.91601.2680
Peach, canned, in water0.5cup5.8680.7440.8783.75800.4760
Peach, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup5.8680.7440.8783.75800.4760
Peach, cooked, sweetened0.5cup24.4188.457.6644.12701.8340
Peach, dried, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup21.9176.7347.0828.101000
Peach, dried, cooked, sweetened0.5cup32.1046.4696.80418.831000
Peach, dried, uncooked0.25cup16.6965.1325.3966.168000
Peach, fresh1medium - 2 2/3" diameter12.5852.9252.2957.1400.120
Peach, frozen, unsweetened1cup7.2150.9151.084.6200.5850
Peach, frozen, sweetened1cup55.457.156.32541.975000
Peach, pickled0.25cup16.9660.8080.65815.43800.0330
Peach, spiced0.25cup11.2773.9023.5391.90600.8470
Pear, home canned0.5cup20.2168.1137.8471.86202.5270
Pear, canned in juice0.5cup12.0284.0927.1920.744000
Pear, canned in heavy syrup, drained0.5cup16.5026.096.1811.83901.4170
Pear, canned in heavy syrup, not drained0.5cup20.2168.1137.8471.86202.5270
Pear, canned in light syrup0.5cup15.1856.0246.41.38101.3810
Pear, canned in water0.5cup7.4422.3184.7580.366000
Pear, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup7.4422.3184.7580.366000
Pear, cooked, sweetened0.5cup20.2168.1137.8471.86202.5270
Pear, dried, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup34.9485.43218.2845.13801.1480
Pear, dried, cooked, sweetened0.5cup43.9485.63618.97213.01601.1910
Pear, dried, uncooked0.25cup27.996.35919.6561.827000
Pear, fresh1medium - 2 1/2" diameter17.3554.62811.4281.264000
Persian melon1cup12.5762.4642.9926.9600.0640.048
Persimmon, fresh1each21.059.1399.3412.587000
Pineapple, home canned0.5cup21.4639.5259.1442.794000
Pineapple, canned in juice, drained0.5cup12.9053.8554.1095.511000
Pineapple, canned in juice, not drained0.5cup17.999.5878.0930.311000
Pineapple, canned in heavy syrup0.5cup21.4639.5259.1442.794000
Pineapple, canned in light syrup0.5cup15.9397.0696.7912.079000
Pineapple, canned in water0.5cup9.2251.4021.6614.428000
Pineapple, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup9.2251.4021.6614.428000
Pineapple, cooked, sweetened0.5cup21.2949.459.0722.772000
Pineapple, dried, unsweetened0.25cup20.1043.5324.32812.224000
Pineapple, dried, sweetened0.25cup29.1011.8412.25624.994000
Pineapple, fresh1cup16.2522.8553.4989.884000
Pineapple, frozen, unsweetened1cup14.7752.5953.188.985000
Pineapple, frozen, sweetened1cup51.6953.7984.45938.857000
Bannan peze (Haitiain fried green plantain)1cup2.8080.4730.4371.8990030.683
Plantains, green, boiled1cup3.4650.5850.5392.3410037.684
Tostones or patacones (fried green plantains)1cup4.1950.7080.6532.8340045.622
Candied plantains0.25half - with syrup15.4570.7830.78813.8750.0050.0053.58
Maduro frito (fried ripe plantains, no coating)1cup4.9810.8410.7753.3650054.174
Plantains, ripe (yellow), batter dipped or breaded3piece - 2 1/2" long29.5235.2435.28418.99300.00629.859
Plantains, ripe (yellow), boiled or baked1cup29.6495.2685.3119.0710024.923
Plum, home canned0.5cup28.7813.19711.5333.883000
Plum, canned in juice0.5cup17.9178.1658.0641.49900.0760
Plum, canned in heavy syrup, drained0.5cup19.7468.9037.4483.395000
Plum, canned in heavy syrup, not drained0.5cup28.7813.19711.5333.883000
Plum, canned in light syrup0.5cup19.3413.3772.04113.94800.050
Plum, canned in water0.5cup12.5756.4243.8971.99200.10
Plum, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup12.5756.4243.8971.99200.10
Plum, cooked, sweetened0.5cup28.7813.19711.5333.883000
Plum, fresh1cup16.3688.3665.0652.59100.1320
Plum, pickled0.25cup17.7862.0941.29314.31300.0330
Pomegranate, fresh (arils-seed/juice sacs)1cup23.78613.5729.9180000
Prickly pear (tuna or cactus pear), raw1cup0.760.3130.2980.164000.849
Prune, canned0.5cup28.0816.9888.3072.73800.0350
Prune, dried, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup30.97520.68310.1180.12400.050
Prune, dried, cooked, sweetened0.5cup36.54219.4429.5117.54200.0470
Prune, dried, uncooked0.25cup16.58711.0755.4160.06500.0262.223
Quince, fresh1each10.123.7725.8880.46000
Raisins, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup44.75520.94923.8060006.619
Raisins, cooked, sweetened0.5cup74.97520.95123.80730.217006.62
Raisins, uncooked0.25cup23.62811.0612.5680003.495
Rambutan, canned in syrup0.5cup14.9782.6622.859.465000
Raspberries, home canned0.5cup25.6771.6512.08619.494000
Raspberries, canned in syrup0.5cup25.6771.6512.08619.494000
Raspberries, canned in water0.5cup3.5981.5141.9130.163000
Raspberries, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup3.5981.5141.9130.163000
Raspberries, cooked, sweetened0.5cup25.6771.6512.08619.494000
Raspberries, dried0.25cup24.81.8522.3421.9000
Raspberries, fresh, black1cup5.9232.4923.1490.268000
Raspberries, fresh, red1cup5.4372.2882.8910.246000
Raspberries, frozen, unsweetened1cup9.1564.0184.5360.616000.266
Raspberries, frozen, sweetened1cup54.42.72.4549.35000
Rose hips1cup3.2771.7021.4730.089000
Rhubarb, home canned0.5cup34.440.240.2434.056000
Rhubarb, canned in heavy syrup0.5cup34.440.240.2434.056000
Rhubarb, canned in light syrup0.5cup14.010.4290.42912.939000
Rhubarb, canned in water0.5cup1.440.60.60.24000
Rhubarb, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup1.440.60.60.24000
Rhubarb, cooked, sweetened0.5cup17.280.430.4316.204000
Rhubarb, fresh1cup1.3420.4880.4880.122000
Rhubarb, frozen, unsweetened1cup1.5070.5480.5480.137000
Rhubarb, frozen, sweetened1cup68.880.480.4868.112000
Rhubarb sauce5tablespoon10.80.2690.26910.128000
Roselle, fresh1cup1.870.7350.6380.496000.336
Rose apple, fresh140gram4.9841.8621.7361.386000.35
Rum pot0.5cup16.052.4743.4759.92500.0180.011
Santa Claus melon1cup13.8044.5565.0324.216000
Sapotes (mamey), fresh140gram28.19611.21410.7245.72600.5328.862
Sapodilla, fresh1each - 3" diameter23.40910.7788.5174.114001.156
Soursop (guanabana), fresh1cup30.4659.69810.2379.67500.9
Strawberries, canned in syrup0.5cup27.7247.7098.03911.379000
Strawberries, canned in water0.5cup3.9641.6131.9780.381000.032
Strawberries, chocolate covered2medium - 1 1/4" diameter4.7650.7710.5873.317000.216
Strawberries, cooked, unsweetened0.5cup3.9641.6131.9780.381000.032
Strawberries, cooked, sweetened0.5cup27.7247.7098.03911.379000
Strawberries, dried0.25cup28.123.7564.60819.272000.076
Strawberries, fresh1cup7.0422.8663.5140.677000.058
Strawberries, frozen, unsweetened1cup10.0784.4644.7960.818000
Strawberries, frozen, sweetened1cup61.22617.3418.61517.85000
Sugar apple (sweetsop or anon)1cup43.92516.12516.72511.075003.225
Tamarind, dried, sweetened (dulce de tamarindo)0.25cup17.969.7784.193.992000
Tamarind, fresh1cup46.5632.59213.9680000
Tangelo, fresh1medium - 2 1/2" diameter10.0512.0232.285.748000
Tropical fruit mix, canned in juice0.5cup17.0667.0877.4431.837000
Tropical fruit mix, canned in syrup0.5cup19.2073.2483.06312.192000
Tropical fruit mix, fresh1cup15.8425.2246.0414.40600.0660.047
Watermelon, fresh1large slice - 1/2 of 7 1/2" diameter x 1"8.8662.2594.8051.7300.0860
Smoothie, fruit, made without dairy products1cup17.7066.5566.7344.37600.0042.074
Smoothie, fruit, made without dairy products, with added protein1cup17.3696.0826.2474.0590.9450.0041.923
Smoothie, fruit and vegetable, made without dairy products1cup16.5336.1156.2874.08100.0041.944
Smoothie, fruit and vegetable, made without dairy products, with added protein1cup16.2975.7015.8613.8040.8840.0031.812
Apple cabbage salad, with mayo dressing0.5cup5.5791.5293.0471.00600.0030.023
Mixed fruit salad, mayo dressing0.5cup9.0953.0993.8582.02600.0021.026
Mixed fruit salad, with pudding0.5cup11.8672.8883.5954.9110.3680.0021.697
Mixed fruit salad, with whipped topping and marshmallows0.5cup12.4543.7243.8654.0920.0050.5051.11
Mixed fruit salad, with whipped topping0.5cup10.3693.6764.3562.0610.0050.1541.092
Waldorf salad1cup9.3552.1335.0452.094000.047
Cranberry sauce, jellied4tablespoon21.98712.0846.7520.06903.0820
Cranberry sauce, whole berries4tablespoon21.67511.8426.7170.06903.0470
Plum sauce, fruit based4tablespoon7.7692.3771.4393.85500.0380