Food Composition (Fruits and fruit products)

DescriptionGlucose g/100gFructose g/100gSucrose g/100gLactose g/100gMaltose g/100gSugars Total g/100gStarch Total g/100g
Baby food, apple and sweet potato1.331.903.611.63.3
Baby food, Gerber Apple Blueberry, 2nd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Apple Strawberry Banana, 2nd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Apples & Cherries, 2nd Foods 1.97.8100.1210.80
Baby food, Gerber Applesauce, 1st Foods 2.871.400.0811.20
Baby food, Gerber Applesauce, 2nd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Applesauce, 3rd Foods 2.15.4100.068.50
Baby food, Gerber Apricots with Mixed Fruit, 2nd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Apricots with Mixed Fruit, 3rd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Banana Mixed Berries, 2nd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Banana Orange Medley, 2nd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Banana Plum Grape, 2nd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Banana Strawberry, 3rd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Bananas, 1st Foods 54.92.400.0112.35.4
Baby food, Gerber Bananas, 2nd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Bananas, 3rd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Bananas with Apples & Pears, 2nd Foods4.26.62.10012.92.1
Baby food, Gerber Graduates Diced Apples3.860.560010.80
Baby food, Gerber Graduates Diced Peaches3.54.32.600.339.50
Baby food, Gerber Graduates Diced Pears3.35.10.26008.70
Baby food, Gerber Graduates For Toddlers Mini Fruits, Bite-Size Apple10.839.723.60075.20.61
Baby food, Gerber Graduates For Toddlers Mini Fruits, Bite-Size Banana Pineapple16.917.824.200.0259.612.4
Baby food, Gerber Graduates For Toddlers Mini Fruits, Bite-Size Banana Strawberry14.114.928.600.0258.710.2
Baby food, Gerber Organic Apple Strawberry, 2nd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Organic Apple Sweet Potato, 2nd Foods 1.331.903.611.63.3
Baby food, Gerber Organic Applesauce, 1st Foods2.871.400.0811.20
Baby food, Gerber Organic Applesauce, 2nd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Organic Bananas, 1st Foods 54.92.400.0112.35.4
Baby food, Gerber Organic Bananas, 2nd Foods4.
Baby food, Gerber Organic Pear & Wild Blueberry, 2nd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Organic Pears, 1st Foods
Baby food, Gerber Organic Pears, 2nd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Organic Prunes, 1st Foods14.370.0900.0321.40
Baby food, Gerber Organic Peaches, 1st Foods 43.60.19007.80
Baby food, Gerber Organic Peaches, 2nd Foods 4.143.40011.50
Baby food, Gerber Organic Peaches, 3rd Foods4.143.40011.50
Baby food, Gerber Pear Pineapple, 2nd Foods 1.960.68008.60
Baby food, Gerber Pears, 1st Foods3.84.81.1009.60
Baby food, Gerber Pears, 2nd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Pears, 3rd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Plums with Apples, 2nd foods
Baby food, Gerber Prunes, 1st Foods 14.370.0900.0321.40
Baby food, Gerber Prunes with Apples, 2nd Foods
Baby food, Gerber Apple Banana Juice2.93.81.8008.50.13
Baby food, Gerber Apple Cherry Juice2.93.81.8008.50.13
Baby food, Gerber Apple Grape Juice2.93.81.8008.50.13
Baby food, Gerber Apple Juice
Baby food, Gerber Apple Prune Juice2.93.81.8008.50.13
Baby food, Gerber Banana Strawberry Juice Medley
Baby food, Gerber Garden Juice Blend, Apple Carrot Juice2.33.42.9008.40
Baby food, Gerber Graduates For Toddlers Fruit Splashers, all flavors2.93.90.23007.10
Baby food, Gerber Mixed Fruit Juice2.93.81.8008.50.13
Baby food, Gerber Orange Juice2.12.24008.30
Baby food, Gerber Organic Apple Juice2.65.71.30010.70
Baby food, Gerber Organic Pear Juice3.34.20.95007.30
Baby food, Gerber Pear Juice3.34.20.95007.30
Baby food, Gerber White Grape Juice7.18.700015.80
Baby food, Gerber Yogurt Juice Blend, Yogurt With Bananas & Fruit Juice Medley4.
Baby food, Gerber Graduates For Toddlers Fruit Strips Real Fruit Bars, all flavors11.737.119.30071.10.42
Baby food, apples with pears and bananas4.26.62.10012.92.1
Baby food, apples and cherries1.97.8100.1210.80
Baby food, apple dices (toddler)3.860.560010.80
Baby food, apricots with pears and apples
Baby food, apples and blueberries
Baby food, apples and cranberries
Baby food, apples and pears2.
Baby food, applesauce and apricots
Baby food, apples and bananas, junior2.97.11.20011.21.4
Baby food, apples and bananas, strained
Baby food, applesauce, junior2.15.4100.068.50
Baby food, applesauce, strained2.
Baby food, apples and strawberries2.
Baby food, bananas, junior4.
Baby food, bananas, strained4.
Baby food, bananas with pears and apples4.26.62.10012.92.1
Baby food, pears, junior4.56.71.70012.90
Baby food, pears, strained4.56.71.70012.90
Baby food, pears, toddler (dices)
Baby food, peaches, junior4.143.40011.50
Baby food, peaches, strained4.143.40011.50
Baby food, peaches, toddler (dices)
Baby food, plums with apples3.45.10.24008.80
Baby food, prunes with pears7.15.40.20012.70
Baby food, pears and pineapple1.960.68008.60
Baby food, prunes14.370.0900.0321.40
Apple banana juice, for baby2.93.81.8008.50.13
Apple carrot juice, for baby2.33.42.9008.40
Apple cherry juice, for baby2.93.81.8008.50.13
Apple grape juice, for baby2.93.81.8008.50.13
Apple juice, for baby2.65.71.30010.70
Apple prune juice, for baby2.93.81.8008.50.13
Banana yogurt juice, for baby4.
Grape juice, for baby7.18.700015.80
Mixed fruit juice, not citrus, for baby2.93.81.8008.50.13
Mixed fruit and yogurt juice, for baby33.52.11.4010.80.87
Orange juice, for baby2.12.24008.30
Pear juice, for baby3.34.20.95007.30
Apple cherry drink3.63.17.40014.10
Apple grape drink2.92.75.90011.50
Apple pineapple drink2.92.75.90011.50
Apple drink2.92.75.90011.50
Apple raspberry drink3.63.17.40014.10
Apple juice or cider, frozen, not reconstituted8.819.760038.80
Apple grape juice4.36.40.770011.50
Apple raspberry juice2.75.71.2009.70
Apple strawberry juice3.16.41.40010.90.01
Apricot orange juice3.534.400.13110
Apricot nectar53.74.800.2613.70
Capri-Sun, all flavors2.92.75.90011.50
Gatorade, all flavors2.21.80.920.20.25.20
Gatorade, from dry mix, all flavors2.702.9005.50
Country Time, sugar free, all flavors0000000.02
Country Time, all flavors02.63.9006.50
Crystal Light, all flavors0000000.02
Kool-Aid, sugar free, all flavors0000000.02
Kool-Aid, all flavors02.63.9006.50
Tang, sugar free, all flavors000000.030.04
Tang, all flavors0.011.98.100100
Northland Cranberry Juice, all flavors6.85000.1211.90
Ocean Spray Caribbean Colada3.43.73.70011.30
Ocean Spray Cran-Blueberry Drink4.
Ocean Spray Cran-Cherry Drink4.
Ocean Spray Cran-Currant Drink4.
Ocean Spray Cran-Grape Drink4.
Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry Drink4.
Ocean Spray Cran-Strawberry Drink4.
Ocean Spray Cranapple Drink4.
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail6.85000.1211.90
Ocean Spray Cranicot4.
Ocean Spray Crantastic Fruit Punch4.
Ocean Spray Fruit Punch3.43.73.70011.30
Ocean Spray Kiwi Strawberry Juice Drink3.43.73.70011.30
Ocean Spray Lightsyle, all flavors2.12.50.360050.09
Ocean Spray Mandarin Magic3.43.73.70011.30
Ocean Spray Mauna La'i Island Guava Fruit Drink3.43.73.70011.30
Ocean Spray Mauna La'i Mango Mango3.43.73.70011.30
Ocean Spray Mauna La'i Paradise Passion Fruit Drink0.011.98.100100
Ocean Spray Pink Grapefruit Juice Cocktail3.43.73.70011.30
Ocean Spray Reduced Calorie, all flavors2.91.70.04004.60
Ocean Spray Ruby Red Grapefruit Drink, all flavors3.43.73.70011.30
Ocean Spray Summer Cooler0.011.98.100100
Powerade, all flavors2.21.80.920.20.25.20
Sunny Delight California Style2.92.75.90011.50
Sunny Delight, all flavors2.92.75.90011.50
Sunny Delight with Calcium2.92.75.90011.50
Snapple Fruit Drinks, diet, all flavors00000.010.010.18
Snapple Fruit Drinks, all flavors2.92.75.90011.50
Snapple Vitamin Supreme Juice2.92.65.90011.40
Tropicana Fruit Drinks, all flavors2.92.75.90011.50
Tropicana Twister, from concentrate, all flavors4.43.83.40011.50
Tropicana Twister, all flavors2.92.75.90011.50
Tropicana Twister Light, all flavors00000.010.010.18
V-8 Splash, all flavors3.43.73.70011.30
Welch's Drink Box, all other flavors2.92.75.90011.50
Welch's Drink Box, White Grape Cocktail2.92.75.90011.50
Welch's Fruit Drinks, all flavors4.63.51.100100
Welch's Fruit Harvest Punch Drink4.85.32.900.1413.10
Welch's Grape Juice Beverage2.92.75.90011.50
Welch's Guava Juice Drink4.85.32.900.1413.10
Welch's Juice Cocktails, from concentrate, light, all flavors2.12.50.360050.09
Welch's Juice Cocktails, from concentrate, all flavors7.25.800012.20.4
Welch's Juicemakers, all flavors4.43.93.40011.70
Welch's Lemonade4.63.51.100100
Welch's Orange-Pineapple-Apple Juice Drink4.85.32.900.1413.10
Welch's Orchard Drinks, from concentrate, light, all flavors2.12.50.360050.09
Welch's Orchard Drinks, from concentrate, all flavors4.85.32.900.1413.10
Welch's Orchard Drinks, all flavors2.92.75.90011.50
Welch's Passion Fruit Juice Drink4.85.32.900.1413.10
Welch's Pineapple Banana Juice Drink4.85.32.900.1413.10
Welch's Sparkling Cocktails, all flavors2.92.75.90011.50
Welch's Welchade Drinks, all flavors3.43.73.70011.30
Welch's White Grape Juice, from concentrate, all flavors4.63.5401.213.30
Welch's White Grape Juice, all flavors2.92.75.90011.50
Wyler's, sweetened, all flavors02.63.9006.50
Lemonade, homemade0.250.2710.10010.70
Lemonade, made from dry mix, artificially sweetened0000000.02
Lemonade, made from dry mix, sweetened with sugar, fortified with vitamin C0.232.47.50010.40
Lemon juice, canned, bottled or boxed11.10.3002.40
Lemon juice, fresh11.10.3002.40
Lemon juice, frozen11.10.3002.40
Limeade, homemade0.330.2815.20015.80
Limeade, from mix02.74.1006.90
Limeade, made from frozen3.642.100.19.80
Lime juice, canned, bottled or boxed1.41.10.25002.80
Lime juice, fresh1.41.10.25002.80
Mango juice, unsweetened0.972.33.4006.60
Mango nectar5.35.6100.5612.50
Orange juice, fortified with calcium and vitamin D2.12.24008.30
Orange juice, fortified with calcium2.12.24008.30
Orange juice, fresh2.12.24008.40
Orange juice, frozen, not reconstituted, fortified with calcium18.816.32.50037.50
Orange juice, frozen, not reconstituted18.816.32.50037.50
Orange strawberry juice2.12.33.7008.10
Papaya juice1.71.50003.20
Papaya nectar6.260.010013.90
Passion fruit juice4.43.43.60014.30
Passion fruit nectar1.81.413.40017.70
Pear juice1.53.70.41005.70
Pear nectar6.76.50.220013.40
Pineapple juice, made from frozen4.54.62.40012.60
Pineapple juice4.73.81.500100
Pomegranate juice6.36.400012.70
Prune juice, unsweetened5.57.90.20016.50
Prune juice, sweetened5.47.72.20018.10
Caramel covered apple6.
Cranberry - orange relish20.8139.900.0642.80
Gelatin (jello), with cranberries, pineapple and nuts3.52.7130019.30
Arby's orange juice2.12.24008.30
Arby's apple slices2.45.92.10010.40.05
Boston Market cinnamon apples24.822.600.0529.51.9
Burger King apple juice2.65.71.3009.60
Burger King orange juice2.12.24008.30
Burger King BK Fresh Apple Slices2.45.92.10010.40.05
Burger King applesauce2.
Chick-fil-A cinnamon applesauce5.57.3100.8914.70
Chick-fil-A fruit cup3.94.91.40010.60.02
DQ, Orange Julius smoothie, light3.73.20.39007.30
Jack In The Box orange juice2.12.24008.30
Jack In The Box apple bites with caramel sauce5.
McDonald's apple juice2.65.71.3009.60
McDonald's orange juice2.12.24008.30
McDonald's orange drink3.43.73.70011.30
McDonald's apple slices3.360.820010.10
McDonald's Fruit & Walnut Salad2.747.62.3016.60.04
SONIC Apple Slices2.45.92.10010.40.05
SONIC Apple Slices and Fat Free Caramel Dipping Sauce77.22.70.354.421.70.04
Subway apple slices2.45.92.10010.40.05
Wendy's apple slices2.45.92.10010.40.05
Acerola, fresh0000000
Blackberries, Alaskan1.720.01003.70
Blueberries, Alaskan, wild, fresh3.13.40.01006.50
Blueberries, Alaskan, wild, frozen3.53.60.08007.20.03
Cloudberry(baked apple berry or yellowberry)
Highbush Cranberries3.30.630.130040
Lowbush cranberries (lingonberries)
Apple, baked or scalloped, without skin, unsweetened2.
Apple, baked or scalloped, without skin, sweetened5.57.3100.8914.70
Apple, baked or scalloped, with skin, unsweetened2.96.91.30011.20
Apple, baked or scalloped, with skin, sweetened2.76.39.70018.70
Apple, canned, unsweetened2.
Apple, canned, sweetened5.57.3100.8914.70
Apple, chips11.116.79.504.942.70.24
Apple, dried, cooked, unsweetened27.44.60013.30.11
Apple, dried, cooked, sweetened1.86.81100190.1
Apple, dried, diet snack8.230.2180057.20.46
Apple, dried, uncooked8.230.2180057.20.46
Apple, fried2.
Apple, fresh, without skin3.360.820010.10
Apple, fresh, with skin2.45.92.10010.40.05
Applesauce, canned, unsweetened2.
Applesauce, canned, sweetened5.57.3100.8914.70
Applesauce, home recipe, unsweetened2.
Applesauce, home recipe, sweetened5.57.3100.8914.70
Apple, spiced or pickled3.85.910.70121.40
Apricot, home canned8.37.24.30019.80
Apricot, canned in juice3.85.21.70010.70
Apricot, canned in heavy syrup, drained5.84.74.50018.70
Apricot, canned in heavy syrup, not drained8.37.24.30019.80
Apricot, canned, in light syrup0.690.313.500.4314.90
Apricot, canned in water0.920.4300.574.80
Apricot, cooked, unsweetened0.920.4300.574.80
Apricot, cooked, sweetened8.37.24.30019.80
Apricot, dried, cooked, unsweetened9.74.84.90019.40
Apricot, dried, cooked, sweetened8413.30025.30
Apricot, dried, uncooked33.112.57.90053.40.35
Apricot, fresh2.40.945.900.069.20
Apricot, frozen, sweetened20.811900.0521.90
Avocado, black skin, California type0.080.080.06000.30.11
Avocado, green skin, Florida type2.20.250002.40
Banana, chips0.160.48330035.328.6
Banana, dried flakes18.818.3900.0447.320.3
Banana, fresh54.92.400.0112.25.4
Blackberries, canned2215.100.0619.70
Blackberries, cooked2215.100.0619.70
Blackberries, fresh2.32.40.0700.074.90
Blackberries, frozen, unsweetened5.15.30.1500.1510.70
Blackberries, frozen, sweetened2.12.210.400.0614.70
Blueberries, home canned33.114.40020.50
Blueberries, canned in heavy syrup33.114.40020.50
Blueberries, canned in light syrup, drained8.68.40.410017.50.03
Blueberries, canned in water3.33.30.07006.70.02
Blueberries, cooked, unsweetened3.33.30.07006.70.02
Blueberries, cooked, sweetened33.114.40020.50
Dried blueberries, sweetened29.327.71.40058.40
Blueberries, fresh4.950.1100100.03
Blueberries, frozen, unsweetened4.14.20.09008.50.03
Blueberries, frozen, sweetened3.73.711.10019.70.03
Blueberries, wild, canned, heavy syrup, drained10.190.0100.1219.30.02
Blueberries, wild, frozen4.14.20.09008.50.03
Boysenberries, canned1.41.413.600.0216.50
Boysenberries, cooked1.41.413.600.0216.50
Boysenberries, fresh2.32.40.0700.074.90
Boysenberries, frozen, unsweetened3.33.30.2500.046.90
Breadfruit (panapen), fresh0.60.61.7002.920.1
Cantaloupe, fresh1.51.94.400.047.90.03
Carambola (starfruit), cooked, sweetened1.91.65.1008.90.11
Carambola (starfruit), fresh1.81.50.420040.1
Carissa (natal plum), fresh3.232.4008.50.59
Casaba melon2.22.60.88005.60
Cherimoya (anona, chirimoya or cherimolla), fresh5.96.30.660012.90
Sour cherries, canned in heavy syrup10.4100.560022.20
Sour cherries, canned in light syrup8.37.80.560016.70
Cherries, canned, sour, water pack, drained4.22.80.010070
Sour cherries, canned in water (not drained)3.92.71007.60
Sweet cherries, home canned7.
Sweet cherries, canned in juice5.35.80.7800.0812.30
Sweet cherries, canned in heavy syrup, drained6.
Sweet cherries, canned in heavy syrup, not drained7.
Sweet cherries, canned in light syrup9.
Sweet cherries, canned in water5.34.30.1200.110.30
Sour cherries, cooked, unsweetened3.92.71007.60
Sour cherries, cooked, sweetened10.4100.560022.20
Sweet cherries, cooked, unsweetened5.34.30.1200.110.30
Sweet cherries, cooked, sweetened7.
Dried cherries, sweetened121049.30071.30
Sour cherries, fresh4.23.50.8008.50
Sweet cherries, fresh6.65.40.1500.1212.80
Sour cherries, frozen, unsweetened3.93.20.740090
Sweet cherries, frozen, unsweetened6.65.40.1500.1212.80
Sweet cherries, frozen, sweetened6.
Maraschino cherries1.30.9935.300.0238.80
Clementine, fresh1.61.66009.20
Fruit cocktail, canned in juice4.85.30.720010.90
Fruit cocktail, canned in heavy syrup, drained1.
Fruit cocktail, canned in heavy syrup, not drained36.77.501.717.90
Fruit cocktail, canned in light syrup2.55.15.401.313.90
Fruit cocktail, canned in water1.62.6200.637.50
Fruit cocktail, cooked, unsweetened1.62.6200.637.50
Fruit cocktail, cooked, sweetened36.77.501.717.90
Fruit cocktail, fresh3.
Fruit cocktail, frozen3.33.12.500.29.40
Crabapple, fresh2.45.92.10010.40.05
Cranberries, canned, jellied1.50.3134.30037.90
Cranberries, canned, whole berries1.40.2834.60036.20
Cranberries, cooked, sweetened1.40.2834.60036.20
Cranberries, dried (Craisins)
Cranberries, fresh3.30.630.130040
Crenshaw melon2.732.5008.10
Currants, dried34.13300067.20
Currants, fresh, black2.93.20.55006.70
Currants, fresh, red and white3.23.50.61007.40
Dried fruit mixture (prunes, apples, apricots, pears)22.719.8500.0347.62.7
Dried fruit, unknown type21.519.78.400.0149.91.7
Elderberries, canned2.3317.10022.40
Elderberries, cooked2.3317.10022.40
Elderberries, fresh3.14.10.43007.60
Feijoa, fresh2.332.9008.20
Figs, home canned8.58.10.20020.70
Figs, canned in heavy syrup8.58.10.20020.70
Figs, canned in light syrup2.7211.40016.20
Figs, canned in water6.44.80.690011.80
Figs, cooked, unsweetened6.44.80.690011.80
Figs, cooked, sweetened8.58.10.20020.70
Figs, dried, cooked, unsweetened10.79.90.030023.42.2
Figs, dried, cooked, sweetened10.39.56.20028.62.1
Figs, dried, uncooked24.822.90.070047.95.1
Figs, fresh8.76.60.940016.30
Fenip (quenepa or mamoncillo), fresh3.232.4008.50.59
Gooseberries, canned7.77.40.150015.20
Gooseberries, cooked7.77.40.150015.20
Gooseberries, fresh2.82.40.2005.40
Grapefruit, canned in juice4.34.10.34008.80
Grapefruit, canned in syrup6.76.91.900150
Grapefruit, canned in water2.42.53.600.178.80
Grapefruit, fresh, pink or red1.61.83.5006.90
Grapefruit, fresh, white1.61.72.400.115.70
Grapefruit, frozen, unsweetened2.42.53.600.178.80
Grapefruit, frozen, sweetened6.76.91.900150
Grapes, home canned4.85.47.70019.10
Grapes, canned, syrup pack4.85.47.70019.10
Grapes, canned, water pack4.14.60.08009.70
Grapes, cooked from fresh, unsweetened4.14.60.08009.70
Grapes, cooked from fresh, sweetened4.85.47.70019.10
Grapes, fresh7.28.10.150015.50
Guava (guayaba), fresh, common2.933008.90.16
Guava (guayaba), paste0.550.5770.50071.60.03
Guava (guayaba), sauce1.81.92.2005.90.1
Honeydew melon, fresh2.732.5008.10
Jackfruit, canned in syrup5.35.210.70021.20.83
Jackfruit, fresh9.59.20.420019.11.5
Java plum (jambolan), fresh3.232.4008.55.9
Kiwi fruit, gold5.25.70.0500.05110.18
Kiwi fruit, green4.14.40.1500.1990
Kumquat, fresh2.63.13.5009.40
Lemon, fresh10.90.6002.50
Lime, fresh0.630.630.2001.70
Lingonberries, cooked1.40.2834.60036.20
Loganberries, fresh1.91.30.2003.40
Loganberries, frozen1.91.30.2003.40
Longans, dried31.933.23.20068.30.43
Longans, fresh6.530.650010.20.09
Loquat (nispero), fresh4.550.940010.40
Lychees (litchis), fresh7.57.80.70015.20
lycium (wolf or goji berries)
Mammy apple, fresh3.232.4008.50
Mangosteen, canned, syrup pack0.860.8715.40017.10
Mangosteen, fresh1.31.314.10016.60
Mandarin orange, canned in juice, drained3.23.51.8008.30
Mandarin orange, canned in juice, not drained3.23.62008.90
Mandarin orange, canned in syrup5.75.13.40015.50
Mandarin orange, fresh2.12.46.10010.60
Mandarin orange, frozen, unsweetened2.12.46.10010.60
Mandarin orange, frozen, sweetened5.75.13.40015.50
Mango, cooked 24.770013.70.23
Mango, dried, unsweetened10.724.937.10072.70.65
Mango, dried, sweetened3.68.463.10075.20.42
Mango, fresh24.770013.70.23
Melon, balls, frozen1.82.4300.037.20.01
Nectarine, fresh1.61.44.9007.80.07
Orange, fresh1.924.5009.40
Papaya, canned in heavy syrup, drained76.838.40052.20
Papaya, fresh4.13.70007.80
Passion fruit (maracuya), fresh43.13.30011.20
Peach, home canned6.
Peach, canned in juice2.53.93.60010.30
Peach, canned in extra light syrup32.83.100.799.60
Peach, canned in heavy syrup, drained5.83.5401.414.72.6
Peach, canned, in heavy syrup, not drained6.
Peach, canned, in light syrup4.23.93.10113.30
Peach, canned, in water0.610.723.100.394.80
Peach, cooked, unsweetened0.610.723.100.394.80
Peach, cooked, sweetened6.
Peach, dried, cooked, unsweetened5.25.56.300170
Peach, dried, cooked, sweetened4.8513.90023.80
Peach, dried, uncooked12.813.515.40041.70
Peach, fresh21.54.800.088.40
Peach, frozen, unsweetened0.610.723.100.394.80
Peach, frozen, sweetened2.92.516.80022.20
Peach, pickled1.31.125.700.0628.30
Peach, spiced6.
Pear, home canned6.15.91.401.915.30
Pear, canned in juice3.35.80.6009.70
Pear, canned in heavy syrup, drained6.16.21.801.416.40
Pear, canned in heavy syrup, not drained6.15.91.401.915.30
Pear, canned in light syrup4.
Pear, canned in water1.93.90.3006.10
Pear, cooked, unsweetened1.93.90.3006.10
Pear, cooked, sweetened6.15.91.401.915.30
Pear, dried, cooked, unsweetened4.314.3400.927.40
Pear, dried, cooked, sweetened413.69.300.8531.40
Pear, dried, uncooked14.143.74.100620
Pear, fresh2.66.40.71009.80
Persian melon1.51.94.400.047.90.03
Persimmon, fresh5.45.61.50012.50
Pineapple, home canned7.57.22.20016.90
Pineapple, canned in juice, drained4.34.56.10014.30
Pineapple, canned in juice, not drained7.76.50.250014.50
Pineapple, canned in heavy syrup7.57.22.20016.90
Pineapple, canned in light syrup5.65.41.70012.70
Pineapple, canned in water1.11.43.6007.50
Pineapple, cooked, unsweetened1.11.43.6007.50
Pineapple, cooked, sweetened7.57.22.20016.90
Pineapple, dried8.810.830.60050.30
Pineapple, fresh1.72.16009.90
Pineapple, frozen, sweetened1.61.815.90021.10
Plantains, green, boiled22.39.4001421
Tostones or patacones (fried green plantains)3.23.614.90022.133.1
Platanito frito (fried ripe plantains, no coating)2.7312.40018.327.4
Plantains, ripe (yellow), batter dipped or breaded2.12.39.700.0114.425.2
Plantains, ripe (yellow), boiled or baked22.39.4001421
Plum, home canned10.28.930022.20
Plum, canned in juice6.
Plum, canned in heavy syrup, drained9.78.13.70021.60
Plum, canned in heavy syrup, not drained10.28.930022.20
Plum, canned in light syrup2.71.611.100.0415.40
Plum, canned in water5.23.11.600.0810.10
Plum, cooked, unsweetened5.23.11.600.0810.10
Plum, cooked, sweetened10.28.930022.20
Plum, fresh5.13.11.600.089.90
Plum, pickled3.52.123.600.0629.30
Pomegranate, fresh (arils-seed/juice sacs)7.85.700013.70
Prickly pear (tuna or cactus pear), raw0.210.20.11000.510.57
Prune, canned15.17.42.400.04250
Prune, dried, cooked, unsweetened16.
Prune, dried, cooked, sweetened15.
Prune, dried, uncooked25.512.50.1500.0638.15.1
Quince, fresh4.16.40.500110
Raisins, cooked, unsweetened15.116.20.250032.31.5
Raisins, cooked, sweetened12.913.820.700481.3
Raisins, uncooked27.829.70.450059.22.7
Rambutan, canned in syrup3.63.814.90022.20
Raspberries, home canned1.31.615.20020.10
Raspberries, canned in syrup1.31.615.20020.10
Raspberries, canned in water1.21.60.130030
Raspberries, cooked, unsweetened1.21.60.130030
Raspberries, cooked, sweetened1.31.615.20020.10
Raspberries, dried4.65.954.800620
Raspberries, fresh, black1.92.40.2004.40
Raspberries, fresh, red1.92.40.2004.40
Raspberries, frozen, unsweetened1.92.40.2004.40
Raspberries, frozen, sweetened1.10.9819.70021.80
Rose hips1.31.20.07002.60
Rhubarb, home canned0.20.228.40028.70
Rhubarb, canned in heavy syrup0.20.228.40028.70
Rhubarb, canned in light syrup0.20.228.40028.70
Rhubarb, canned in water0.30.30.1000.70
Rhubarb, cooked, unsweetened0.30.30.1000.70
Rhubarb, cooked, sweetened0.20.228.40028.70
Rhubarb, fresh0.40.40.1001.10
Rhubarb, frozen, unsweetened0.40.40.1001.10
Rhubarb, frozen, sweetened0.20.228.40028.70
Rhubarb sauce0.20.228.40028.70
Roselle, fresh1.31.10.87003.30.59
Rose apple, fresh1.31.20.99003.60.25
Rum pot3.14.310.600.0218.20.01
Santa Claus melon2.732.5008.10
Sapotes (marmalade plum), fresh87.74.100.3820.16.3
Sapodilla, fresh6.352.40013.80.68
Soursop (guanabana), fresh4.34.64.30013.50.4
Strawberries, canned in syrup6.16.390021.80
Strawberries, canned in water1.31.60.32003.30.03
Strawberries, cooked, unsweetened1.31.60.32003.30.03
Strawberries, cooked, sweetened6.16.390021.80
Strawberries, dried9.411.548.200700.19
Strawberries, fresh22.40.47004.90.04
Strawberries, frozen, unsweetened22.20.37004.60
Strawberries, frozen, sweetened6.87.3700240
Sugar apple (sweetsop or anon)
Tamarind, dried, sweetened (dulce de tamarindo)36.215.5100061.60
Tamarind, fresh40.217.200057.40
Tangelo, fresh1.924.5009.40
Tropical fruit mix, canned in juice6.26.61.50014.90
Tropical fruit mix, canned in syrup2.52.4100015.70
Tropical fruit mix, fresh3.43.92.800.0410.20.03
Watermelon, fresh1.
Fruit Julius3.
Smoothie, fruit, made without dairy products (e.g. fruit and juice)
Cranberry sauce, jellied1.50.3134.30037.90
Cranberry sauce, whole berries1.40.2834.60036.20
Plum sauce, fruit based10.28.930022.20